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The Kuwait Towers


The second tower is 145. The towers hold 4.500 cubic meters of water. It also has a Viewing Sphere which rises to 123 meters above sea level and completes a full turn every 30 minutes. . The Kuwait Towers are three towers of reinforced concrete in Kuwait City.8 metres high and serves as a water tower. The third tower houses equipment to control the flow of electricity and illuminates the two larger towers. The main tower is 187 metres high and serves as a restaurant and water tower.

an optimal design to capture water. . The Kuwait Water Towers were built in 1979 and have had to be renovated several times due to damages from foreign occupations in the country. which originated in Sweden. The towers are mushroom water towers.

Peachoid Tower .


that resembles a peach. of steel and concrete. .72 m) water tower in Gaffney. The Peachoid is a four-story (45.The water tower holds one million gallons of water. United States. South Carolina.The Peachoid was built in 1981 by the Chicago Bridge and Iron Company.

Haukilahti water tower .

The water tower was built in 1968 and owned by the Espoo waterworks. . The Haukilahti water tower is located in Haukilahti in southern Espoo.3 m and from sea level 76. The diameter of the tower is 45. The height of the tower is 45.3 m and its volume is 4000 m³.3 m. Finland.

Nave Espacial de Varginha tower .


which was built in 2001.It`s volume is 100 mil lt. . which took place on January 20. an alleged UFO landing. The Nave Espacial de Varginha (Portuguese for Varginha spacecraft) is a 20 metres tall water tower with a disc-shaped water reservoir in Varginha. 1996. Nave Espacial de Varginha is reminiscent of the Varginha incident. Brazil.

Hyllie water tower .


Tower of Hyllie is the biggest of four watertower in Malmo. It contains 10 millions litre water.It is built in Malmo. . Sweden.Hyllie water-tower is 62m and it was built 1973.

Wasserturm Mühlacker tower .

The tower was built in 1972/73 and has a container for 600 m³ of water. Germany . . The Mühlacker Water Tower is a 42 metre-high reinforced concrete water tower in Mühlacker.

The Ciechanow Water Tower .

The Ciechanow Water Tower in Poland is a hyperboloid structure. . using hyperboloid geometry which maximizes structural strength with a minimum of material. The Ciechanow Water Tower was built in 1972 by Jerzy Michal Boguslawsk.

Roihuvuori water tower .

70 m diameter.The Roihuvuori Water Tower is of the mushroom type and consists of an approx. The storage capacity of the tower was fixed at 12. 28 m high cylindrical shaft of 15.It is placed in Helsinki .00 m outer diameter which supports a conical tank of 66.600 m3.

House in the Clouds water tower .

the House in the Clouds was hit by gunfire from anti-aircraft guns based at Thorpeness.It has 21 m height. .000 imperial gallons (230. The water tank was repaired using its own steel. Suffolk.000 l).[2] The original capacity of the water tank was 50. It was built in 1923 to receive water pumped from Thorpeness Windmill[1] and was designed to improve the looks of the water tower.000 l) but during the Second World War. disguising its tank with the appearance of a weatherboarded building more in keeping with Thorpeness's mock-Tudor and Jacobean style. UK. which resulted in a reduced capacity of 30.000 imperial gallons (140. except seeming to float above the trees. The House in the Clouds is a water tower at Thorpeness.

Salina water tower .

Corn Water Tower .