Types of sewer

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Vitrified clay or stoneware sewer. 2. Steel sewers. 7. 6.sewer: A sewer is an underground conduit or drain through which sewage is conveyed to point of discharge or disposal. Asbestos cement sewer. 4. 3. Cast iron sewer. Brick sewer. Plain or reinforced cement concrete sewer. 5. Types of sewers classified on bases of materials used: 1. 5/6/12 . Plastic sewers.

•The inside surface is relatively smooth. •They are light in weight hence handling is easy. Hence they are hydraulically more efficient. cement and silica.Asbestos cement sewer: • These sewer pipes are made from mixture of asbestos fibre. •These pipes are available in various sizes ranging from 75mm to 500mm diameter and to 3 to 4m in length. •They can be easily cut and joined. and other cohesive material normally present in these sewer. 5/6/12 . Advantages: •Possess considerable strength against internal pressure. •These pipes offer good resistance to salts. •The asbestos fiber serve as reinforcing material.

Due to these disadvantages these are used only as vertical. They are weak against impact forces hence careless handling may result in there breaking. •They have less structural strength against heavy external forces. •These are susceptible to sulphide corrosion.Disadvantages: •They are brittle. 5/6/12 .

Plain or reinforced cement concrete : Cement concrete pipes can either be plain or reinforced. 5/6/12 . Plain cement concrete are used from 80mm to 450m with their thickness varying from 25mm to 35mm. consisting of longitudinal and transverse reinforcement in the form of rings or elliptical cage.for bigger diameter these are reinforced.

5/6/12 .Advantages : • Cement concrete pipes are equally strong in internal and external pressures. Disadvantages: The biggest disadvantages of this type of sewers are they get easily corroded and pitted because of corrosive action of contents of the sewage.thus these pipes can withstand both tensile and compressive stresses. • They are economical for medium and large sized installation. thickness and reinforcement. • This pipes can be made of any desier strength by proper design of mix. • This can be easily manufactured at site.

Vitrified clay or stoneware sewer: These pipes are manufactured from clays and shale's of special qualities and grades. the exterior surface of spigot and the interior surface of socket are not glazed 5/6/12 . In order to make the joints water tight.

•They are cheap and easily available. • They possess enough resistance to erosion due to grit and silt.Advantages: •They are highly resistance to sulphide corrosion. • Because of smooth interior they are hydraulically efficient. •They are highly impervious. •They possess good compressive strength. 5/6/12 .

compressive as well as bending stresses. They are available in diameter ranging from 150mm to 750mm and lengths up to 3 to 3. They are structurally strong to withstand tensile . •They are quite bulky and heavy Cast iron sewers: Cast iron pipes possess high strength.5m 5/6/12 .Disadvantages: •They are weak in tension. •They are brittle in nature.

•They are preferred when sewage flows under pressure. 5/6/12 . •They are preferred for sewers laid under cement concrete roads Where it is not possible to disturb the road surface for frequent repairs of the sewers. •They prevent the contamination of ground water as these are 100% leak proof.Advantages : •They are suitable at places where heavy external loads exist.

5/6/12 . Steel sewers : Steel sewers are used at those location where high external and internal pressures are encountered.Disadvantages: •They are very costly. •They have to protected with paint or cement concrete.

outfall. •They can be easily welded. 5/6/12 . and trunk sewers having large diameter.Advantages: •They are perfectly impervious. •They are light in weight. •They are used for mains . • Because of there flexibility they can absorb vibrations and shock loads.

5/6/12 .Disadvantages: They are very costly in comparison with cast iron pipe.

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