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Mr. Ravindra Lattoo

Executive Summary Company Summary Services Market Analysis Summary Strategy and Implementation Summary Strategic Alliances Financial Plan Controls

About us: We are Ahmedabad based online company delivering books to various kind of readers making an intellectual impact in their lives. Mission of our Company: Delivering all kind of the books to the Customers enriching their lives, broadening their intellectual horizons and foster a culture of reading in communities, nation and the world. Vision of our company: To be Indias no 1 online deliverable portal in book stream by 2020. Objective of our company: Delivering Academic books to students of Ahmedabad of various educational streams enhancing their knowledge, grades, career and life. Values of our company: Respect Swiftness Learning for individual Honesty

Company Ownership: Partnership firm between Mr. Aon Mohammed Maniar, Ms.Paromita Sharma, Mr. Nilesh Mishra,Ms.Neha Sharma,Mr. Sanjit Vaghel and Mr. Ravindra Lattoo. Seed Capital: Self-finance.

Service Description Services are concerned with deliverables. Our Main Deliverables in Ahmedabad are second hand books and books on rent basis. We buy and collect Second hand books on the basis of frequency i.e. weekly, fortnightly and monthly depending on our convenience and the lot we receive from the students who want to sell their books and other academic stuffs and deliver books on the basis of the membership status that our consumers possess. Apart from books, we also provide Summer Internship project reports, various kind of mid-term Project reports, Journals of various subjects, previous year college internal and external papers with solutions, Class notes of various subjects, Toppers note of tips and suggestions on exam.

Service Description
Membership status
Bronze:- 500 points( 6 months validity) Silver:- 1000 points(9 months validity) Gold:-2500 points(1 year validity) Platinum:- 5000 points( 2 years validity) Diamond:-10,000 points( Life time validity) Books in high demand: Rs.5/day Books in demand: Rs.2/day Books not much in demand: Rs1/day. (Demand for the book is calculated on survey basis from batch to batch in various colleges which would help us to determine the amount/variety of books in stock we need to maintain)

Books on rent plan:

Future Growth Areas


After capturing and serving the students market for academic books in Ahmedabad,Gujarat and Pan-India, we would like to step in circulating library arena in Ahmedabad and thereafter PanIndia where we would buy and sell books across various categories. We would definitely provide this service in English language but regional languages would be also taken into consider depending on the requirement and order placed. After captivating these two arenas, we would like to buy best-selling books directly from leading publishing houses such as Rupa, Penguin, Harpercollins, TataMacgrawHill and Random-House India.

Arts, Photography and Design Biographies & Autobiographies Business, Investing and Management Children and Teens

Coffee Table
Comics & Graphic Novels Computers & Internet Cooking, Food & Wine Crafts & Hobbies Educational and Professional Entrance Exams Preparation Families and Relationships Health and Fitness History and Politics Home & Garden Humor Literature & Fiction Music, Films and Entertainment Outdoors & Nature



POLITICAL Affiliation with political associatons such as ABVP and NSUI for a larger customer base. Affliation with college leaders for smooth operational processes. Affiliation with deans, senior professors, peons and librarians for smooth operational processes. Formal processes of Business `registration SOCIAL Changing needs of Knowledge and education system. Impact of regionalism constraint to some extent in the expansion phase for pan-india ECONOMIC Petrol Rise can fluctuate operational costs Rise in price of delivery van can fluctuate operational costs Purchasing power of Students(pocket-money constraints,priorities)

TECHNOLOGY Website maintainence Protection from website hackers. Safe Net-payment options.


PORTERS FIVE FORCES MODEL Supplier Power: Our Stock depends on the amount of the varied supply that students has to offer and bargaining power of the students need to be taken into consideration. Buyer Power: Students would prefer to buy the books at our site because we would offer the books at price less than market price with free home delivery (but time-period of delivery varies as per the membership status) Competitive rivalry: Distant (Urdu language based E-book library) Threat of Substitution: Free e-book sites and e-libraries. Threat of new entrants: Less

Market needs and Trends

Market needs: With increasing requirement of education to meet the industry demands, most of the college are trying/have done to match up their curriculum to industry standards, the need to study a subject from various sources is of prior importance to students and at the same time it becomes expensive for a student. Realizing this constraint as an opportunity we have come up with this unique business idea.

Focus on 5 types of needs: Stated needs: Students wants books/stuffs at reasonable and affordable price. Real needs: Students want books/stuff where the quality of the book is good and readable and the membership enrollment is free and membership status points are also value for money proposition. Unstated needs: Students expect good service from us in terms of time of delivery and in terms of stock availability as per order demanded) Delight needs: Swiftness in work and giving him the order before the actual time of delivery. Secret needs: Students after associating with us would want his friends to see him as savvy bookman consumer.

Market needs and Trends

Market Trends: We are the Trendsetters in this business. Competitors will follow us in short run and long term but since the pie (no of students studying in colleges is very big), it wont impact our business to much extent.

Positioning and Key competitors

Positioning Statement: WWW.BOOKMAN.COM In 5 hoursDelivered Swiftness: Efforts concentrated for Minimum delivery period that we can offer to consumer. Accountability: Respecting the customers and suppliers and Reliable for the delivery of orders in time. Quality: Quality of the books/academic stuff are fairly decent. Key Competitors: No key competitors but distant competitor as discussed in Porters 5 forces.

Strategy and Implementation Summary

Target market Strategy: Target Market:
All possible colleges of Ahmedabad of,, B.C.A, B.E., BBA, B.A,, M.Sc, MBA,MCA,ME, PhD and other various educational streams in Ahmedabad.

Approaching colleges on one and one. Developing rapport with students, deans, senior professors, student leaders and peons. Marketing by Print media(leaflets,student magazines, college notice boards, yellow pages) Marketing by E-mail campaigns. Knowing customer needs and demands by survey methodology. Fostering knowledge communities by rendering our services

Sales, Pricing and Promotion Strategy

Sales Strategy:A.I.D.A. Strategy Pricing Strategy: 30% less than market rate. Promotion Strategy:7Ps of Service marketing i.e, Product, Place, Price, Promotion,People,Process and Physical evidence.

Strategic Alliances Creation and Maintainence of website to reputed java-based company of Ahmedabad. Giving contract to pay-pal system for online payments. Tieing up with reputed financial institutions during financial crisis. Tieing up with companies expert in E-mail campaigns. Tieing up with companies expert in mobile marketing.

Financial Plan
Break Even Analysis: The profit is based on the numbers of books sold and M.R.P. of these books. There is a cluster of different education streams which requires books of low range to high range. Our break even point will depend purely on the market penetration. Aiming to cross our break even point with in 1.5 years from inception.

Implementations Programs:
Maintenance and Smooth functioning of Delivery vans. Inventory check in consideration with the orders demanded by consumers. Consistent seeking of customer feedback regarding delivery and implementing properly. Safety controls for better website functioning. Safety controls for Character assassination of company.

Contingency Plan
In case of liquidity crunch, tieing up with financial institutions and expanding the business into circulating library arena and at the same time working upon the students arena and making it right. Focus on Cost-cutting areas such as recruitment of Parttimers in jobs or recruitment of third-party pay-roll employable people at work. Creating a community of students who is ready to work on voluntary basis. Recruiting best students from colleges for Summer Internships in our company.