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“Employee relation is a vertical of HR department which takes care of:
  

Employee grievances, Employee recognition, Boosting the morale of employees to make the working environment more healthy, live and at the same time fulfills the management’s expectations Maintain the work culture and ethics”.

Employees have many issues within the organization that contributes conflicts thus organization needs to focus on Employee Relations :• Hinders work productivity and quality. • Coming frequently late to office. . • Frequent breaks. • Lack of concentration on work. • Frequent absenteeism • Unhealthy relationship with the employer or immediate boss and colleagues. or long break hours.

Hostile environment on floor Not meeting deadlines Poor target achievement. Dissatisfaction with the work and organization Thus due to such issues the work suffers a lot. company has to bear loss and it creates unhealthy work environment which is neither beneficial to management nor the employees. Disinterest in the job profile • • • • Need’s promotion. bonus and other incentives. .• • • • • Due to high attrition rate. Need’s Salary hikes. Discrimination and Favoritism among employees.

Employer & employee relation Employee & employer relation Employee relation within themselves Relationship within the organisation .

Extra effort given to be counted: Employee bonding Activities: Should arrange staff picnics. Recreational facilities should be given to employees like: free breakfast.• Show that you care: Marriage Anniversary / Birthday cards and gifts can be given to the employee. • • • • Safety & Security: Life insurance. He /She should be given permission either to take leave and spend quality time with his family on that special day. education allowance for him/her and children. “These are the small efforts which matters a lot to enhance commitment level of employees with the organisation” . health insurance should be given for their safety. • • Transport facilities can be given during rains when its really hard for them to cope and reach on time. Learning: Seminars should be conducted to increase their knowledge and inner potentials.

Give positive feedback in front of all the staff members for the excellent job done. Employer can keep party and dinner for the staff members once in a month so that it makes the bond more strong. gift vouchers.       . Regular health check ups should be conducted and concession can be given to certain limit for him/her and family. Movie tickets can be given where one can enjoy with their family on weekends. Once in 6 months free holiday tour tickets can be given to hangout. One to one session in a month where employees can come out with their personal and professional problems. Employee’s can be rewarded by giving monetary rewards.

     . Free t-shirt with company’s logo or jackets can be given to employees in a year. Internal job promotion should be encouraged so that employee get opportunity to grow within the organization. Discounts coupons can be given on shopping during Diwali or other festival time. skilled and proficient in their work. Welfare activities can be conducted on weekends. Conducting annual events where employee’s can participate and show their talents. Soft skill training should be conducted on regular basis to make employee’s more confident.

• • • It can retain more talented employees. It improves moral level of employee’s and makes them more responsible. It encourages more creativity. It reduces cost on training due to low attrition rate. It maintains healthy relationship among all the staff. new innovative techniques and ideas from employees. boss and colleagues. Tool to reduces attrition rates. It reduces absenteeism. • • It increases quality and productivity of work. .• • • • It maintains harmony at the work place.

“People matter result counts….” Employee relation is the way to build loyality and enhance commitment. .

. .

 Employee Retention involves taking measures to encourage employees to remain in the organization for the maximum period of time.  . The top organizations are on the top because they value their employees and they know how to keep them glued to the organization.

The process of employee retention act as key which benefit an organization in many ways:       The Cost of Turnover: The cost of employee turnover Loss of Company Knowledge Interruption of Customer Service Turnover leads to more turnovers Goodwill of the company Regaining efficiency .

  Who is going to do the work? What knowledge are we about to lose?   What skills will we lose? What traditions will change? Is this good? .

  The market place for good talent will be competitive The good people will be able to pick and choose their working environment How do we create an organization in where people want to stick around?  .

Future Opportunities 2. 2.Organizational Stability 4. Co-Worker Quality Across . Development Opportunities 3. Manager Quality Collegial Work Environment Empowerment Senior Leadership Reputation 6. 3. Recognition1 1. 5. 5.TOP ATTRACTION 1.Organization Growth Rate 2. Respect COMMITMENT DRIVERS 1.Work-Life Balance5. 4.Compensation 3.

     HR is responsible for people management We provide good pay and benefits Recruiting is like purchasing Development happens in training programs We treat everyone the same .

making a difference & contribution . Learning & Development Working with great people & relationship Fair pay Supportive management/great boss . valued & respected Additional Benefits Meaningful work.       Being recognized.  Exciting work & challenge Career Growth.

      Pride in organization. creativity and a sense of control Empowerment Job security & stability   Location Diverse. its mission & product Great work environment / culture Flexibility Autonomy. changing work assignments .

Research shows positive correlation of engagement scores with: Employee attraction and retention It’s not just about having the bodies. Creating an organization of which people want to be a part. . It’s about the right bodies doing the right things.

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