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Renewable Energy

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Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy Sources All natural energy flows that are inexhaustible (i.e., renewable) from an

anthropogenic point of view: solar radiation;

hydropower; wind; geothermal; wave, and tidal energy; and biomass

What is Solar Energy?

Energy produced by the sun Clean, renewable source of energy Harnessed by solar collection methods such as solar cells Converted into usable energy such as electricity
Photovoltaic (solar) panel

Set of solar panels


Sun and electrical power lines

Energy from the Sun is Abundant

Solar power systems installed in the areas defined by the dark disks could meet the world's current total energy demand

Solar Panel Use Today

Large companies like Google, Walmart, and Microsoft use solar energy to partially power some of their facilities

Solar panels on Microsoft building


Solar panels being tested on Walmart store

Solar Cells are Converters of Energy

Solar cells are devices that take light energy as input and convert it into electrical energy
Light energy Electrical energy (carried through wires) Solar cell converts light energy to electricity

A Little Background on Light

Different colors of light have different wavelengths and different energies


Solar Electric Power Plants

Harness solar power to generate electricity Main types: Solar thermal energy
Has mirrored surface that reflects sunlight to heat up liquid to make steam to generate electricity
Array of mirrored solar collectors at FPL Energy site in California

Uses photovoltaic cells that absorb direct sunlight (as discussed previously)

Concentrated solar collector (parabolic)

Solar Heating Systems

Direct heating of fluid; no conversion to electricity Components solar thermal collectors fluid system to move heat (not electricity) reservoir to stock heat for later use Common uses Heat water for home or pool

Example system with water heated by solar collector and used to supplement hot water radiator

Wind Energy is Solar Energy

Wind is driven by solar heating Largest and fastest growing solar energy conversion system

Wind farm in California


Wind turbines

Important Summary Question

What are clean and renewable energy sources?