INTRODUCTION  Origin of Gambling  Laws on Gambling  DISCUSSION  Lottery  Illegal Number Games  Horse Racing  Cock fighting  CONCLUSION


 Any

game or scheme, whether upon chance or skill, wherein wagers consisting of money, articles or value are at stake, in the hope of realizing a gain.

negative outcome  Sacrifices for God’s help  Sacrifices for material gain .positive outcome › Odd number. Religious Rituals (Pagan) › Even number.

Dice evolved from specific tools – astragali  3000 B.C cubical dice were found from Mesopotamia  2000 BC in Egypt  Sacred arrows used in Korea around 6th century A.  .D became the forerunners of modern cards.

Korean cards were modified by Chinese  Cards rapidly spread all over Europe in the end of 15th century  .

or banker in a game of jueteng or similar game . take part in any game of: jueteng or any form of lottery Or any other game depends wholly or chiefly upon chance  Prision correccional (Max). in any manner shall directly or indirectly.maintainer. conductor.any person who. Art 195.Acts punishable on Gambling  Arresto menor.

Illegal betting on horse races  Art 199. have in his possession any lottery list… Art 196 Importation.Illegal cockfighting  . sale and possession of lottery tickets or advertisements  Art 198.Any person who knowingly and without lawful purpose.› Prision correccional (Med).

Betting.  .the result of any game shall be predicted and/or known other than on the basis of the honest playing skill or ability of the players or participants. races and other sports contest.  Game-fixing.betting money or any object or article of value or representative of value upon the result of any game.

deceitful. method.  Game-machinations . unfair or dishonest means.Point-shaving – deliberately limiting the score of a player in order to influence the result thereof. manner or practice employed for the purpose of influencing the result of any game. races or sport contest.  .fraudulent.

he shall be punished with prision correccional in its medium period and a fine of 1. Penalty › In case of any offender.000 pesos with subsidiary imprisonment in case of insolvency at the discretion of the court .

jueteng.000 Any person who. etc… . Prision Correccional (Med) or fine ranging from P1.000 to P6. horse racing lotteries. in any manner. shall directly or indirectly take part in any illegal or unauthorized activities or games of Cockfighting.

bone etc. a valuable consideration for the chance to obtain a prize  Lottery. sale and possession of lottery tickets or advertisements  .Lottery is a scheme for the distribution of prizes by chance among persons who have paid. or agreed to pay. that was used to determine the outcome of a chance event  Article 196.derived from the word “lot”  “Lot” throughout the history meant a small object like a stone. Importation.

It includes: › Jueteng › Last Two › Masiao . “Illegal Number Games” is any form of illegal gambling activity which uses numbers or combinations thereof as factors in giving out jackpots/ prizes/ returns.

.if person acts as collector or agent. house. or (ii) allows his vehicle. › Imprisonment from 8 years and 1 day to 10 years.if person (i) acts as personnel or staff of an illegal numbers game operation. building or land to be used in such operation. Any person who participates in any illegal numbers game shall suffer the following penalties: › Imprisonment from 30-90 days – if person acts as a bettor › Imprisonment from 6 years and 1 day to 8 years.

if person acts as coordinator. . › Imprisonment from 14 years and 1 day to 16 years.if person acts as financier or coddler. › Imprisonment from 16 years and 1 dy to 18 years.if person acts as maintainer. › Imprisonment from 12 years and 1 day to 14 years. manager or operator. controller or supervisor.if person acts as financier or capitalist.› Imprisonment from 10 years and 1 day to 14 years.

during the periods not allowed by law . Acts Punishable in illegal betting on horse races › By betting on horse races during periods not allowed by law › By maintaining or employing a totalizer or other device or scheme for betting on races or realizing profit therefrom.

Illegal betting on horse races › Arresto menor. except during the period allowed by law. shall bet on horse races .July 4th of each year  Dec. 30 of each year  Any registration or voting days  Holy Thursday and Good Friday   Art 198.any person.

this is not allowed on:  › › › › › December 30 June 12 November 30 Holy Thursday and Good Friday Election Days .Practiced by Greeks  Spread in Europe  Enjoyed by both noble and commoner  In the Philippines.

Cockfighting . pintakasi or tupada".  .Either both national or local city or municipal legislation which logically arranges. defines and apportions a given political subdivision into specific land uses as present and future projection of needs warrant. prescribes."cockfighting derby.  Zoning Law or Ordinance . or its equivalent terms in different Philippine localities.

Gaffer (Taga Tari) .A person knowledgeable in the art of arming fighting cocks with gaff or gaffs on either or both legs.  Referee (Sentenciador) -A person who watches and oversees the proper gaffing of fighting cocks  .

    Form of entertainment Preserve Filipino culture Increase internal revenues Supports national funding campaign for charity purposes    Form of vice May be addictive May be used by organized crime to fund drug sales .

 Studies also indicate that gambling increases when economic times are uncertain and people are concerned about their future.  . the Philippine government continues to push the limits as to publicly legalize gambling in our country since gambling as an industry is notably profit-generating.  Church opposes all forms of gambling.The lure of easy money is what attracts many to gambling.

which are poverty and unemployment.  .  It is also recommended that law enforcers should strictly adhere to the laws on gambling.We should do less politics and really go to the root causes.