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College of Engineering PAF-Karachi Institute of Economics & Technology Karachi


Salman Khaliq Bajwa (3746) Waqas Ahmed (3685) Basit Zaidi (4168)

Contents 1. Introduction 2. Aim and Objectives 3. Block diagram 4. Schematics 5. Algorithms 6. Animations 7. Safety and precautions 8. Conclusion

1. Introduction

Pet ownership has been increasing at a steady pace in the last 20 years. After cats and dogs, the most popular pet is now the freshwater fish. The maintenance of fish aquariums is a very difficult task itself. Whenever you have to clean up your aquarium or you have to feed, you have to do a lot of things. You have to turn off your aquarium's power head/air pump and feed manually and turn on the air again after an hour.

2. Aim and Objectives Aim: The aim of our project is to replace manual maintenance of fish aquarium with an automated system. Objective: The objective of our project is to perform following tasks automatically, when really required. Remove wastes & keep water clean Stabilize pH & Avoid detritus/algae buildup Feed on a regular basis & Stabilize temperature Sends the report on Mobile

3. Block diagram and Sub-block diagrams

4. Schematics

5. Algorithms S.M.A.R.T Aquarium turns on PH sensor checks the density of water If it is in limits, process ends If it is out of limits, it goes for draining and filtration Turbidity sensor senses the turbidity of the water If it is in limits, process ends If it is out of limits, it goes for draining and filtration Timer after every 24 hours starts the process of feeding Temperature sensor turns on If it is 30 degree Celsius, process ends If it is below 22-30 degree Celsius, heater turns on

6. Animations Aquarium

7.Safety and precautions Basic electrical safety procedures. First aid, in case of Electrical accidents. Aquarium to be kept out of childrens reach Plants and other decorations should be kept safely and firmly. Absence of any leakage in the tank.

8.Conclusion Alhamdulillah, we have achieved our desired goal at this stage, the SMART aquarium is in working condition. Though we are able to achieve all the goals of our project but still we think that lots of advancement can be done on this project. We have provided the platform and the platform is ready for everyone to work on it.