Inbound And Outbound Logistics

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materialhandling.Logistics • Logistics is the management of the flow of goods. transportation. inventory. information and other resources. and packaging. including energy and people. warehousing. and occasionally security . between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet the requirements of consumers • Logistics involves the integration of information.

INBOUND LOGISTIC • Receiving. storing and disseminating incoming goods and material for use. .

Inbound Logistics Sourcing Order Placement & Expediting Vendor Supplier Receiving Transportation .

Accept only items that were properly ordered. 3. .Objectives Of Inbound Logistics 1. Ensure that material received and related information are processed and made available promptly to production. Completely and accurately document goods received and goods returned. 2. store and other department.

Contd….. Safeguard goods received. . Ensure that vendor. 4. Accept only materials that meet purchase order specification. Return rejected items promptly. 6. 5. inventory and purchase order information is accurately updated to reflect receipt. 7.

9..Contd…. 10. . Completely and accurately document all transfer to and from storage. Maintain safe working conditions and storage of hazardous materials. 8. Properly transfer all materials requisitioned.

.OUTBOUND LOGISTICS • Movement of material associated with storing. transporting. and distribution a firm's goods to its customers.

Outbound Logistics Activities in distribution performance cycle Order Processing Order Transmission Customer Order Order Selection Order Transportation Customer Delivery .

Benefits • Timely delivery • Meeting customer demand with perfection. . • Balance between supply and demand.


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