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Arctic Paper - One of the leading manufacturers of fine paper in Europe

Exceptionally strong in the book paper segment
Arctic Paper is a medium sized non-integrated European paper producer focused on graphical fine paper and is one of the leading players in Europe. The Company is exceptionally strong in the book paper segment where it is the 2nd largest producer of uncoated bulky book paper in Europe.

Arctic Paper in short

Arctic Paper is a 2nd largest producer of bulky book paper in Europe and one of the leading producers of high-quality graphic paper. Our group includes four fine paper mills and 15 sales offices around Europe. Since October 2009 Arctic Paper S.A. is listed on Warsaw stock exchange in Warsaw with about 25% of a free float. The head office is in Pozna, Poland and its branch office in Gothenburg, Sweden. The groups total production capacity is 810.000 tons of graphic fine paper. Sales revenue in 2009 for the group amounted to EUR 460 mln. Number of employees in 2010: ca 1650.

Arctic Paper - Company structure

Arctic Paper Papierhandels GmbH, Austria Arctic Paper Benelux N.V., Belgium Arctic Paper Danmark A/S, Denmark Arctic Paper France SAS, France

Four well performing paper mills supported by a widespread distribution network


Arctic Paper AB Representative Office, Ukraine

Arctic Paper Deutschland GmbH, Germany Arctic Paper Ireland Ltd., Ireland Arctic Paper Italia Srl, Italy Arctic Paper Baltic States, Latvia Arctic Paper Norge AS, Norway Arctic Paper Polska Sp.z o.o., Poland

Arctic Paper Espna S.L., Spain

Arctic Paper Sverige AB, Sweden Arctic Paper Schweiz AG, Switzerland Arctic Paper UK Ltd., United Kingdom

Arctic Paper Kostrzyn S.A., Poland Arctic Paper Munkedals AB, Sweden Arctic Paper Grycksbo AB, Sweden Arctic Paper Mochenwangen GmbH, Germany

Arctic Paper, Environmental policy and goals solution in "We always choose reliable
care of the natural environment
The goal of Arctic Paper is to minimize unfavourable impact of employed processes on natural environment by: Increasing personnel awareness in improvement of natural environment. Reduction of pollution indices in relation to mill effluent. Reduction of water consumption. Reduction of contaminants emission to the air. Preventing pollution and utilization of all solid wastes produced.

Arctic Paper, supporting projects

Nordens Ark. This animal park on the West Coast of Sweden specialises in the preservation of endangered species. Arctic Paper is patron to Lynx. The Sven Lovn Centre for Marine Sciences Committed to independent research on salt water in the Gullmar fjord, the nature reserve. The Warta Bird Park. A national park with unique flocks of birds. Arctic Paper Kostrzyn actively participates in the preservation of the environment.

Our four mills



Arctic Paper Kostrzyn S.A., Poland

Arctic Paper Kostrzyn

Establishment of pulp production

Installation of first paper machine

New Power Plant based on gas consumption from local sources at APK.

Privatisation and sales of the company to Trebruk AB now Arctic Paper

Technical characteristics: Production capacity 275 000 t/a. Uncoated woodfree paper for offset, preprint printing and high bulk paper. Paper machines: PM 1 Wire Speed 770 m/min - 5,25 m





PM 2 Wire Speed 750 m/min - 5,25 m

APK, Key facts

The Kostrzyn mill was founded in 1950 It is built close to the Warta and Oder rivers in Poland, a region with a long tradition of paper production. Main focus on high-quality offset paper, sold under Amber brand. Approximately 80% of its total sales are exported to countries in Europe. Main markets are Poland, Germany, France and Austria & CEE. High environmental profile. The yearly production capacity is 275,000 tonnes. The number of employees in 2010 is about 420.


Arctic Paper Munkedals AB, Sweden

Arctic Paper Munkedals

Establishment of Munkedals pulp mill

Acquisition of Munkedals mill New Rough by Mr. Haakon Onstad and Munken forming the holding company that later became Arctic Paper AB Pulp production Munken Design closed Paper Revolution Book Paper - Munken Print New book paper range

Manufacturing of pulp and fine paper

Technical characteristics: Production capacity 160 000 t/a. Uncoated graphical paper : Premium bulky book papers Premium offset papers (Design), Paper machines:


1871 1906

1940 1965


1998 2005


PM 5 750 m/min - 3,22 m

APM, Key facts

The Munkedals mill was founded in 1871. Beautifully situated on the west coast of Sweden (100 km from Gothenburg). Main focus on bulky book paper (woodfree and wood-containing) as well as Design paper (woodfree), sold under Munken brand. Main markets are Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, The Netherlands and France. One of the most environmentally friendly paper mills in the world. The yearly production capacity is 160,000 tonnes. The number of employees in 2010 is about 340.


APM, Dummyshop
Service available for total product range of Arctic Paper Easy to order at Dummies and paper samples of Amber, Arctic, G-Print, Munken and Pamo. Free of charge. Quick delivery.


APM, Environmental centre

The Environmental Centre in Munkedal displays methods of reducing the environmental impact on water from paper production processes. Much work and investigation has gone into cleaning and re-using our processed water to ensure that the water we put back into nature is fully restored. This is achieved by biological treatment and our exhibition hall is built next to the water ponds that make up the final step of the purification. As a result of our work it is now a beautiful park with plants and a home for a rich animal life.



Arctic Paper Grycksbo AB, Sweden

Arctic Paper Grycksbo

Grycksbo is founded by Johan Munktell

Mirror blade technique installed

Accent Equity Partners acquires Grycksbo Paper

Arctic Paper acquires Grycksbo Paper

Stora Kopparberg acquires Grycksbo Papermill

Merger between STORA and Enso

Technical characteristics: Production capacity 265 000 t/a. Coated woodfree papers. Paper machines: PM 10, 1100 m/min - 3,86 m







March 2010

PM 9, 400 m/min - 2,52 m. PM 7,

APG, Key facts

The Grycksbo mill was founded in 1740. Grycksbo in the Swedish province of Dalecarlia is a small traditional mill community. With a history that goes back to 1740, the paper mill is an inseparable part of life here. Main focus on coated woodfree paper sold under brands G-Print and Arctic. Main markets are United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden and Finland. High environmental profile. The yearly production capacity is 265 000 tonnes. The number of employees in 2010 is about 500.



Arctic Paper Mochenwangen GmbH, Germany

Arctic Paper Mochenwangen

Establishment of Mochenwangen mill

Acquisition by Myllykoski

Acquisition by Arctic Paper S.A.

Sale of the mill to Holzstoff AG

Sale to Golzern Holding GmbH






Nov. 2008

Technical characteristics: Production capacity 115 000 t/a Wood-containing bulky book papers, woodcontaining offset papers, wallpaper base Paper machines PM 1 Dandy roll - Size press 420 m/min - 2,40 m PM 2 Top former

APMW, Key facts

The Mochenwangen mill was founded in 1868. Arctic Paper Mochenwangen is situated in a beautiful village located in the state of Baden-Wrttemberg in Southern Germany. Main focus on uncoated wood-containing book paper sold under Pamo brand. Also wood-containing offset paper L-Print. Main markets: Germany, Italy, France and United Kingdom. The yearly production capacity is 115 000 tonnes. The number of employees in 2010 is about 190.


Our six product brands


Strong and wide product portfolio


The Companys portfolio comprises of a wide range of paper products

Bulky book paper:: Munken Premium White and Cream, exclusive papers mainly for text books with high durability. Munken Print White and Cream, ultimate high quality book paper, suitable for most types of books. Munken Pocket Cream, paper suitable for text books where age stability is of less importance i.e. paper backs. Design paper: Munken Polar, Lynx and Pure, design range in crispy white, natural white and cream shade, with a smooth surface for demanding colour printing matters e.g. premium catalogues, advertising mtrl. Munken Polar Rough, Lynx Rough and Pure Rough, design range in crispy white, natural white and cream shade, with a rough surface for demanding colour printing matters e.g. premium catalogues, advertising mtrl


Amber Graphic, white, offset paper which is used for manuals, books, advertising mtrl. brochures, in mono or multi colour print. Amber Preprint, high white, technically advanced uncoated paper, developed for direct mail, forms and advertising material. Amber Volume, high white bulky uncoated paper, surface is specially suited for many kinds of educational publishing applications.

Pamo Classic, Pamo Super, Pamo Art, yellow white book papers suitable for paper backs. Pamo Bulky, Pamo Super White, Pamo Sky, blue-white books paper suitable for paper backs. L-Print, Offset wood-containing paper, suitable for cost efficient brochures, periodical catalogues, time tables and telephone books.

Arctic Matt, white paper with matt, soft surface, suitable for books, magazines, maps and folders. Arctic Silk+, white paper with silky surface, house paper for printers, suitable for brochures, books and book covers, posters and cards. Arctic Volume HighWhite, crispy white, bulky design paper, secures high-quality image reproduction while maintaining a natural paper feel. Arctic Volume White, white, bulky design paper, secures high-quality image reproduction while maintaining a natural paper feel. Arctic Volume Ivory, cream, bulky design paper, secures high-quality image reproduction while maintaining a natural paper feel.

G-Print, white paper with matt, non-reflecting surface, suitable for books, magazines, maps and folders. G-Print Smooth, white paper with silky surface, suitable for brochures, books and book covers and posters. 19

Customer base
Printing Houses

Arctic Paper has an open and proactive approach to its five major customer groups



Advertising and design agencies

End users




The Amber range description

Amber Graphic is a white, uncoated fine paper suitable for books, dictionaries, manuals, advertising material, brochures and catalogues in both mono and full colour. Such a broad variety of applications is possible due to the wide range of grammages. It is especially recognised for good
runnability and printability.


Amber Preprint is a high white, technically advanced, uncoated paper, developed for direct mail, invoices, letterheads and advertising material. The paper complies with the requirements of DIN 6723 and 6724-1 standards which means that the paper in 80 and 90 g/m2 is guaranteed to work on equipment with optical character recognition (OCR). Amber Preprint works perfectly in digital presses and is also guaranteed to work in laser printers, even after offset litho printing. Thanks to its properties it can be used in high speed photocopiers and printers. Amber Volume is a woodfree, high white, bulky, uncoated paper. The surface is specially suited for all kinds of educational publishing applications such as schoolbooks, academic literature, reference material and factual books. The bulky paper gives the end product good stiffness and the wood free paper secure durability. All Amber standard products are available as FSC and PEFC certified. All Amber products are available both in sheets and reels.

Amber Graphic - features

The ideal uncoated house paper. Wide range of grammages 60-400 g/m2 allows for a broad range of applications. Consistent quality, printability and runnability will make your machines run smoothly. Neutrally sized (acid free) - stronger paper and better ageing resistance. Surface sized - better printability and more stable paper. Good whiteness CIE 143 (ISO 104). Excellent 4 colour print quality thanks to perfect dimensional stability and good whiteness. FSC & PEFC certificate. Amber Graphic is a perfect choice for: high quality b/w novels, education books, four colour books, advertising material, brochures, leaflets, catalogues.


Amber Preprint - features

Wood free multi-functional paper. Neutrally sized (acid free) - stronger paper and better ageing resistance. Perfect runability in all offset, laser and monocolour ink-jet printers. High whiteness 167 CIE (110 ISO). Thanks to high opacity is certified as OCR guaranteed. >80 % Eucalyptus fibre = premium formation, opacity and runability. FSC & PEFC certificate. No.1 choice for document printing, direct mailings and business stationery. Can also be used as high white offset paper for a variety of general print and advertising jobs personalized forms of direct mailings, forms, letterheads, invoices.


Structure of preprint market

Conventional offset Preprint

Offset printing

Personalization using laser or inkjet printers and photocopiers

End user

Books, catalogues, advertising, manuals, brochures, calendars, periodicals, writing pads, flyers, labels, diaries

Invoices, business forms, letterheads, shipping documents, receipts, personalized advertising materials, business stationary, faxes, leaflets


Amber Volume - features

White wood free bulky paper. Neutrally sized (acid free) - stronger paper and better ageing resistance. Excellent runability due to good stiffness and surface sizing. Decreasing the weight of book according to higher bulk. Excellent 4-colour image reproduction due to good opacity. FSC & PEFC certificate.

Amber Volume is a perfect choice for printing books, brochures and scholastic publications in mono and full colour.




Munken Book Papers


In European book publishing there are three segments for bulky book paper

The European book paper market is in total about 2 000 000 tonnes of which bulky book paper is about 700 000 tonnes. In the bulky book paper segment Munken has a very strong position in the two upper segments.

Munken: Premium book paper for high quality books

Wood free segment: for first edition and the highest quality books

High quality wood-containing segment: for quality book both hard and soft cover

Paper Back/ Pocket book segment: for paper back books


Each segment has special requirements and Munken reach the highest demands

All Munken book papers are surface and body sized and has an outstanding quality level.

Munken: Premium book paper for high quality books

Munken Premium White & Cream: Exclusive wood-free papers for books that last for generations.

Each of the Munken product family exist in several bulk versions and in several grammages.

Munken Print White & Cream: Unique book papers with an optimised blend of wood-free pulp and wood contain pulp to gain the best from both.

Munken Pocket Cream High quality surface sized wood containing book paper.


Different books, different demand!

Highest quality hard cover and first editions books:
Books when highest quality and wood free paper is demanded. Long life and strong binding, ISO 9706 is fulfilled. Perfect and very clear shades is very important.

High quality hard and second edition book:

High quality books and a wood free look-a-like paper. High strength and good life span. Perfect and very clear shades in white and cream.

Pocket books :
Books when good quality is wanted but low price is demanded. Highest opacity that enables to choose lower grammages for lowest possible price.


Munken Design Papers


Munken: Premium design paper for Graphical demanding graphical Fine Paper Paper can be categorized in several segments with different characteristics. production
A conscious choice has become more and more important
Speciality paper: Very expensive and exclusive Haute Couture. Characteristics: needs to be very special in e.g. texture and shade. Design & Premium paper : More unique selection of paper in shades and surfaces. Characteristic: distinctive, complete range, should differ from commodity.

Commodity paper: Traditional standard paper types. Characteristic: Standard, high white, one surface one bulk.


Munken: Premium design paper for Munken isdemanding graphical selected: To enhance the design and the true purpose of the printed matter. production When you want to coney a unique feeling and character.
When minimum environmental impact is expected.
Speciality paper Munken is the original Design & Premium paper

Commodity paper


Munken Design now extended with Munken Rough Range

Two unique surfaces: Smooth surface enhances images and has an exclusive, yet very natural feel. Rough surface unique and extra tactile surface, perfect for well-defined images gives even more of a natural paper feel.

Three shades: Crisp white shade with low blueness for even better contrast in images. Natural white shade for optimal image and text print. Cream shade with high readability, exclusive feel and highest environmental focus as no added OBA.


The Munken Design Range features

36 36

Three shades. Two unique surfaces. Multifunctional qualities. Woodfree paper that gives a strong product with a very long life. Fulfils ISO 9706. Wide range of grammages 70 to 400 g/m2 Available as FSC and PEFC certified. Available in reels & sheets. From stock or making orders.


Arctic: Celebrating whats different

Arctic is a coated paper offering a natural feeling and unique reproduction opportunities. The Arctic range contains fully coated fine paper qualities, available as FSC and PEFC certified. Arctic is the natural choice for anyone looking for exceptional printing properties and perfect image reproduction. The range includes bulky matt coated papers, as well as semi-matt papers, making it possible to choose the best paper for each specific purpose.


The new Arctic Volume Range

A range of three woodfree bulky (matt) coated design papers. Available in three shades enabling flexibility and options for great creative work.

Papers with a natural paper feel and unique surface.


The new Arctic Volume Range features

Three shades of bulky matt coated design papers, giving target groups possibilities to choose the most suitable paper. - High white shade with low blueness for even better contrast in images. - Natural white shade for optimal image and text print. - Cream shade with high readability, exclusive feel. Wood free paper that gives a strong product with a very long life (ISO 9706). High bulk 1.1 also in low grammages.



The competitive edge of GPrint

The G-Print offer is unique in terms of: Product features and user benefits. User economy. Knowledge and service levels. Commitment to sustainable development.


G-Print or G-Print Smooth?

Pick the right G-Print
Do you prioritize image reproduction and print quality?


G-Print Smooth

Do you prefer a stiff paper with bulk and feel?



G-Print, main usage areas

Illustrated books

Direct Mail


Posters & Maps



45 45

book paper


Pamo, highlights
Wide range of wood-containing book papers. Two shades: creamy and bluish white. Many bulk variations, from 1,5 to 2,2. Wide range of grammages, from 50 to 100 g/m2. Surface-sized (Pamo Art). High opacity and good stiffness thanks to using ground wood. PEFC certified and available as FSC certified.

L-Print, woodcontain

L-Print, Highlights
Wide range of wood containing offset papers. Reels and sheets. Available in two surfaces: - softcalandered (Heatset), - machine-finished (Coldset). Three different brightness 72, 76, 80 ISO. Wide range of substances 45 80 g/m2. Surface-sized (L-Print 80 Heatset). Opacity is very good: also in the lowest substances.


Our service offer - promotion


Pan-European campaigns & promotion. - wide info. Dummyshop (dummies & samples), web based. best sample and dummy service on the market at Product information and training. Our general ICC profiles, a calibration tool, that helps printers achieve results more quickly, using fewer test proofs. Guide to uncoated paper detailed technical info regarding paper and printing available 24h at Technical assistance with our Technical Customer Service at our