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HKICT Awards 2012: Best Lifestyle

Social Communications & Media


Company Overview
Handheld Culture (Handheld) is a cloud mobile e-bookstore geared towards the global Chinese reading and literary creative community.

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Hong Kong with a satellite office in Beijing, Handheld is one of the largest online ebookstores in Hong Kong. Use of cloud technology, mobile app development and web integration

Twofold Mission: 1. To liberate the creativity of Chinese writing from the myriad of inefficiencies in traditional publishing 2. To serve the growing Chinese reading community, hungry for high quality copyrighted content


Functionality & Fitness for Purpose

Rescuing the lost book media

Handheld is determined to bring back reading as a mainstream lifestyle element current physical bookstore business model hinders creativity

Ease to browse and purchase on-the-go with smart-phones and tablets

Ability to explore niche titles, download free previews and find classics or out-of-print titles

Cross-device experience: ownership of cloud server enables users to switch between devices

Content providers enjoy an efficient, and secured e-book production with complete transparency


Functionality & Fitness for Purpose

Social Element

Handheld is active across different social network services including Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, Youtube, etc.


Functionality & Fitness for Purpose


Handheld is not simply a passive e-book platform. Instead, we strive to be an opinion-leader who continuously pushes quality content to users


Functionality & Fitness for Purpose

Marketing Online

Handhelds e-bookstore platform opens the option of digital advertising and publish-on-demand service for the creative community


Functionality & Fitness for Purpose

Marketing Offline

Handheld reinstates and stimulates the development of an online book club, where users recommend, discuss and share literary takeaways. Various offline marketing initiatives to promote lifestyle reading. For example, our collaboration with gourmet caf, Pacific Coffee.


Technical Expertise
Next Generation Platform (NGP)

NGP provides all the answers in face of the digital challenges of today for both readers and publishers

Readers can access Handhelds ebooks across devices

POD to streamline publishing: ingestion, transaction, purchase, reading and social

Robust backend for analytics management allowing for plugging in a future advertising platform

Cloud technology for efficient global content distribution via the content delivery network

NGP reflects our mission to let value stays within the simple equation of the creation and consumption of content.
Note: Please refer to Handhelds NGP Pamphlet for more technical details on the platform.
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Technical Expertise
Content License Acquisition & POD Solution

Content to sell

One-stop-shop to make content available to the Chinese market of more than 1 billion population.

Content to buy

Consolidated digital distribution rights for over 200 publishers in Asia.

Print solution

POD centers provide inventory-less, warehouse-less books solutions to publishers around the world.


Technical Expertise
Mobile Publication Solutions

Mobile is the future of digital communication

Interactive publication solutions that transform static information about a product, service or a brand to create a multimediadriven experience Achieve scalability and increase effectiveness in content consumption with solutions to help customers visualize

Support cross-platform solutions at reasonable cost Leverage e-book distribution experience to provide influence and insights on user behaviors

Tracks, measures and reports solution effectiveness through tangible data: page-view, clickthrough-rate, lead generation & conversion, etc.



Usability & Accessibility


Usability: one of the most comprehensive copyrighted and current Hong Kongpublished Chineselanguage e-book databases in the world 2,000+ book titles and at least 3 updates to total title database every week Accessibility: simple free cross-platform app download
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Usability & Accessibility

Mobile Applications

Users share and recommend books online or via mobile platforms 6 months since launch, we accumulated 40,000+ users and 800,000+ total title downloads. Over 100+ new and current book titles are added to the bookstore on a monthly basis.
5/13/2012 12

Social Impact & Market Performance

Wall Street Journal Asia: The worlds Chineselanguage e-bookstore Collaborates with 200+ Chinese and Asian language publishers, such as Joint Publishing, Enrich Publishing and Digital Library of China, etc. Book fairs & social media events, such as SWMHK Innovative & contentdriven initiatives: awardwinning QR code campaign SNS profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, etc.
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Innovation & Creativity

An array of innovative services including digital publishing consulting, ebook production, and Publish-On-Demand (POD)

Cloud-based POD: Content owners can streamline publishing in as short as one week Print, package and ship physical copies based on orders

Ideal choice for the below content: For niche readers Requires constant updates New authors Academic research No longer in mass market

Partnership with mainland company to further enhance direct publishing



Corporate Social Responsibility

Handheld runs a monthly program with Pacific Coffee to promote selected e-books with positive themes. HK$1 to selected charity for each purchase.

Digital books have always been an environmental choice, and Handheld is no exception. As a leading e-bookstore with POD service, Handheld is driving the sustainability and environmental effort on the publishing industry.
We will continue to uphold our corporate social responsibility to further raise awareness, encourage green developments and boost creativity.
Note: Please refer to sample program leaflet for more details
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Thank You!
For further information, please contact:
Nini Suet (M) +852 6892 8926