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Creating EmployeePreneurs through Performance Management

Pat Bell HR Advisor, BullseyeEvaluation May 8, 2012

Understanding Engagement Challenging Traditional Performance Management Philosophy Goals For An Effective Evaluation Process Talent Management Concerns Creating EmployeePreneurs


Definition of Engagement
Emotionally Connected Overachieve Discretionary Effort

3 Types of Employees



Actively Disengaged

Challenging Traditional Performance Management Philosophy

Annual Review Process

Factors Impacting Evaluations

Process Challenges Feedback

Common Supervisor Sentiments


Most disliked tasks Low ROI for Supervisor Managers uncomfortable in the judgment seat Work interruption Hard to justify ratings with Limited impact to specific examples employee performance Lack of skills to provide Compressed timelines to constructive feedback complete Process creates employee Documentation trails defensiveness Pressure to inflate ratings Little to no focus on coaching performance

Organizational Impact
An Ineffective Appraisal System leads to: More disengaged employees Decline in service/product excellence Decreased customer retention and market share


Performance Management Focused

Critical Talent Management Strategy Make the entire employment experience a priority! On Boarding Training Coaching Development Accountability Career Progression

A Leadership Mindset Change

Annual Reviews
Once a year formal feedback Employee uncertain about overall performance Focus is on the form and process Admin outcome Report card perception

Performance Management
Ongoing communication Measured progress towards goals and accountability Focuses on employee development and their contribution Coaching and mentoring

Key to Effective Performance Management?

A Commitment to a Culture of Communication Dialogue that is both Valuable and Relevant

Performance Management Benefits

Driving Employee Performance

Strategic Priorities: Well developed performance plans Frequent informal feedback sessions A link between performance, company rewards and organizational success A culture for employees to provide feedback and take smart risks

Advantages of Performance Management Plans

Organizations Ties performance to strategic objectives Improves morale and productivity Changes focus from activities to results Increases employee skill development Builds
Reputation of the organization Employee commitment

Advantages of Performance Management Plans

Managers Improves communication with employees Creates shared understanding Provides a formal process to clarify expectations Builds trust Troubleshoots problems before they occur Builds employee competencies

Performance Management Creates a Partnership

Types of Effective Evaluations

Performance Management Will Not:


Survey Results

Trends. Findings from the Best Places to Work

Source: Quantum Workplace

Criteria used to evaluate the effectiveness of employee engagement at a company.

Engagement Drivers 2010 Best Places to Work Criteria

More Research
Talent Edge 2020: Blueprints for the New Normal
Source: Deloitte

Survey 350+ company executives globally regarding their concerns with Talent Management.

Top Leadership Concerns

The Talent Pipeline 56% Forecast Leadership Shortage Need for Accelerated Leadership Programs
Source: Deloitte, Talent 2020

Top Talent Management Concerns

Source: Deloitte, Talent 2020

Developing leaders and succession planning Retaining employees at all levels

38% 37%

Managing and delivering training programs 35% Creating career paths and challenging job opportunities for employees and Sustaining employee engagement/morale


Leadership Challenge

Internal Workforce Review

The Three Rs



Prioritized Career Development

Employees Dependent upon management Need career and financial stability Dont like to rock the boat Entrepreneurs Confident Self-reliant Not afraid of instability Push the envelop Live for the What ifs

Successful Entrepreneurs

Company EmployeePreneurs

Create EmployeePreneurs


Create EmployeePreneurs
1.Believe in Employee Contributions 2.Be Clear About Company Goals/Strategies 3.Create a Healthy, Learning Work Environment 4.Commit to Career Development Opportunities 5.Recognize & Reward Employee

Helpful Tips
Customer Thank Q Notes Way To Go Envelope System 30 Minute Bonus Peer to Peer Recognition Programs

Partnering for Success

You Know You Have EmployeePreneurs When..

How Do We Partner?

The Final Difference

WORLD CLASS COMMUNICATION PROGRAMS Meaningful Roundtables Employee Think Tank Sessions Breakfast with the Boss Post Training Feedback Valuable Feedback for Employee Development Connect the Dots

Resources Zappos Family Core Values Deloitte: Talent Edge 2020

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