9/11 Imagination ? No, Reality !

No man is an island. He is a part of the maine. - John Donne

PR- A Necessity Of Our Times

CHANGE & THE CHALLENGE Forces of technology Mobility Education Communication .

express the mores & demands of their group .people are led by their own consent . ..TODAY.guided by their own opinions ..

THE 20th CENTURY... 1st Third : Invention 2nd Third : Administration 3rd Third : Human Climate .

PUBLIC RELATION is helping an organisation and its publics adapt mutually to each other. .

Agencies Media Political Parties Opinion Leaders Others PTA INSTITUTIO N .OUR UNIVERSE Students Teachers / staff Parents Management Govt.

R. ACCOMPLISHES  Favourable image & its benefits  Promotion of institution  Detecting & dealing with issues / opportunities  Determining org's posture dealing with 'publics'  Goodwill of employees  Fostering goodwill in the community  Overcoming misconceptions / prejudices  Forestalling attacks Contd… .WHAT P.

R. / suppliers  Good will with other schools  Ability to attract the best teachers  Goodwill of parents / families  Formulation and guidance of policies  Fostering the viability of the society in which the org. ACCOMPLISHES  Good will with govt. functions  Directing the course of change .WHAT P.

But when. they are allowed to grow until everyone can recognize them.. there is no longer any remedy to be found.Niccolo Machiavelli.IN 1513 AD HE WROTE.. The Prince . .for knowing afar off (which is only given to a prudent man to do) the evils that are brewing. they are easily cured. for want of knowledge.. ..

e.attitudes of people groups i. the human climate       environmentalism minority demands union policies conservationism women's claims community positions Public Opinion is influencing Public Policy .THE RISE OF EXTERNAL FORCES .

EMERGENCE OF DISSIDENT GROUPS  Rapid rise of education  Increased freedom of time & movements Activists Groups have increased .

EMERGENCIES  An issue is a matter in dispute  A crisis is a stage at which all future events affecting an org. will be determined. . CRISES.ISSUES. unusually unexpected occurrence that requires prompt action.  An emergency is a sudden.

.CONFUSING THE DISTINCTION.  Fuzzing the lines between those conditions leads to overstressing their impact.  Identifying a problem in the wrong category can lead to making unsound/ineffective plans  Alarm and upset can be spread unnecessarily among important groups...  That leads to a siege mentality.

 Establishing beyond doubt among everyone in the school that it will put first the interest of its people  Making it clear to all that the school will be open about what is happening  Giving priority to resolving the emergency and protecting the interests of the people affected  Emphasising that despite stress and danger to the school it will be fair to all .ACTION BEGINS BEFORE THE EVENT...

PREPARATIONS INVOLVES 2 LEVELS  Those who are responsible for management decisions  All those who might be involved during an emergency .

EMERGENCIES CAN BE DIVIDED INTO.  Internal VS External or Both ? Earthquake !  A sudden emergency or a developing one ?  One-shot or lasting ?  Human or non-human? ...

EXPLORING GRIEVANCES  Analyse the reason for the grievance  Analyse the source of the grievance  Study the facts of the grievance  Make an obj analysis of present attitudes about the grievance  Determine what others affected by this grievance are doing .

A CLASSIFICATION OF OPPONENTS. some times many things  Activists : Want something changed  Zealots : are distinguished by an overriding single mindedness  Fanatics : are zealots with their stabilizers removed ...  Advocates : people who propose something they believe in  Dissidents : against something's.














WORKSHOPS  Lilavati  SSC  CBSE  Aided (Lang) 27th Aug 03rd Sept 10th Sept 17th Sept .

Just one word… .

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