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Leadership - The Art of Possibility

Video by Benjamin and Rosamund Zander

Never doubt the capacity Of the people you lead to Accomplish whatever You dream for them
B. Zander

When leadership is defined Not as a position you hold, but As a way of being, you Discover that you can lead From wherever you are
Rosamund Zander

The Eyes
What would work for all of us Maybe we can sound together (symphony) Symphony not winning, but sounding together

Enrolling People
Enrolling people around you in a vision or idea Leadership Awakening an orchestra Conduit The possibility to be and can be RELATIONSHIPS TO LEADERSHIP
Conversations we are having


Speak Possibility with full passion Lead by making others POWERFUL, the shift is connecting to the world Music is the metaphor Renewed sense of your own compassion

Leadership with Passion

Re-invent themselves New role of leaders job, Speak Possibilities Leadership is about transforming oneself into a New Way of Being

Rule # 6
not taking yourself so seriously Dont take yourself so #%#& seriously Dont forget rule #6

More energy the keys are inside of ourselves Growth, Power, Wealth, Stuff Renew ourselves Little Voice in our Head

Giving Everyone A
Everyone starts with a A, what is inside the person or you gives you the possibility for getting the A. Live into the A

Joy, relief, commitment, risk-taking, trust, everyone can make a difference

Spiraling Down.? No, move forward

Not Win or Lose

Everyone can make a difference and move forward, the POSSIBILITES are inside ourselves, we can make it happen Trust Whats gone wrong, but change to how to get it done, not win or lose (down spiral) we are in it together

The Conductor
The only one in an orchestra that doesnt make a sound To let others, awaken their possibilities, their powerful ways Its in others eyes, look for it Get input and ideas to build on, white paper, an invitation, give people the invitation White Paper Possibilities or Dreams

Life is Great
Life is great is a clear MESSAGE Experiences come back, coaching conduit for our students, staff, relationships, music

The Art of Leadership Speak Possibility Look for shining Enroll everyones voice

Recognize the downward spiral Enroll the people Remember Rule #6 Look for shining eyes Speak of Possibility New vision They are alive and rewarding

Everyone Gets An A Give People a Possibility To live into not an expectation to live up to..

Summary Continued
The New Leaders Job (Everyones) Recognize the downward spiral And enroll people in the Journey to Radiating Possibility *Enroll every voice, In the

Vision - Dream