Office Automation Systems (OAS


that is designed to increase the productivity of data workers in the office. TYPE: Knowledge-level INPUTS: documents. schedules USERS: clerical workers  EXAMPLE: document imaging system . schedules PROCESSING: document management.Office Automation Systems (OAS)  Computer system. scheduling. communication OUTPUTS: documents. and scheduling system. electronic mail system. such as word processing.


telecommunications and office equipment technologies to improve the execution of business functions through increasing the productivity. consistency. Office automation is the integration of computer. effectiveness. and working conditions of office support staff . communication and control of the information.Office Automation System   The main objective of office automation system is the centrality.

The various activities in an office can be classified into two categories:  Activities performed by clerical staff ( typists. typing. controlling performance. memos or messages and conferencing  Office automation facilitates both types of activities .office automation refers to the use of computer and communication technology to perform various office functions.g.. Activities performed by managers e. Office automation system are concerned with handling. retrieving documents.) e. controlling and distribution of the information of the organization . etc.g. secretaries. mailing. clerk etc. production of information such as report. scheduling of meetings and conferences.

OAS tools    Photocopiers Phones Computer based office automation systems .

Electronic filling: Electronic filling facilities the filling of incoming and outgoing mail and documents on a magnetic media. etc. .. Provides unlimited ‘mail-boxes’. Provides a level of security and privacy. Notes time of dispatch. memos. Automatic logging of copies.What do they do?    Word Processing: Word processing refers to preparation of documents such as letters. Retains messages for specified periods. Authenticates the messages with a signature. with the assistance of a computer. Electronic mail: Electronic mail consists of following facilities:        Send messages electronically to other users with in the same organization. Sets up precedence and priorities. reports.

         Automating daily calendars Groupware Desktop publishing Image processing. Presentation graphics Computer graphics Voice processing Facsimile Teleconferencing .

boring. They speed up specific functions and thereby increase the quantity of clerical output. They reduce the time spent on input capture and creation. They use electronics to absorb the normal growth of functions. timeliness and accuracy.Advantages of OAS       They provide more time to managers to concentrate on their basic job. thoroughness. or less desirable tasks . They help in eliminating routine. They improve the quality of work in terms of content.

They co-ordinate and integrate office tasks. They reduce the turnaround time by moving information quickly and efficiently to the people who need it. Turnaround time is the time interval between preparation and receipt of messages or documents. They help in reducing the traveling expenses for discussion. meetings.g.      They help in reducing administrative detail overhead. They increase the productivity of office workers at all levels.. They enable more cost-effective and time-effective communications. teleconferencing. . e.

Office automation can disrupt traditional office work roles and work environments. etc. an inefficient and unauthorized use of email. fax. Office automation may lead to security problems. may adversely affect the office’s productivity .Limitations of Office automation    Cost of automated office hardware is very high. For example.

. Virtual offices result in reduction of equipment costs because telecommuters can share the equipment. The essence of virtual office is that office work can be performed virtually at any geographical location.Virtual Office   Virtual office involves the use of computer by employers at home to telecommute and to collaborate with other employees. Virtual office enables office work to be performed by physically handicapped persons. Employees may receive work through electronic messaging information sharing system. Advantages of Virtual office are:    Virtual offices reduce the office rental cost and office maintenance costs.

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