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Hodgkin's Disease

By Malinda Knight

and liver. spleen.Definition of Hodgkin's disease     Also known as Hodgkin's lymphoma A malignant. marked by enlargement of the lymph nodes. progressive. A type of cancer in the white blood cells called lymphocytes. Types of lymphomas include non Hodgkin's and B and T cells lymphoma Lymph node biopsy showing Hodgkin's lymphoma. sometimes fatal disease of unknown cause. . mixedcellularity type.

Around 400 people in Australia are diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma and 1000 with non Hodgkin's lymphoma . More common in men than women.The body systems effected     The body system affected is the lymphatic system More common in people aged between 15-30.

Stages of Hodgkin's and nonHodgkin's lymphoma .

Hepatosplenomegaly: the enlargement of both the liver and spleen caused by the same disease. Hepatomegaly: enlargement of the liver. . is present in about 5% of cases. Pain Back pain: non specific or not localised and can not be found through examination. Itching or rash Cyclical fever.Symptoms           Night sweats Unexplained weight loss Enlargement of lymph nodes most commonly is the nodes of the neck and shoulders 80–90% The lymph nodes of the chest are often affected Splenomegaly: enlargement of the spleen occurs in about 30% of people with Hodgkin's lymphoma.

nausea and/or vomiting feeling tired and weak susceptibility to illness and infection hair loss and thinning mouth problems such as ulcers diarrhoea or constipation skin problems such as dryness. MRI.Implications on daily living             The implications come from treatment rather than the disease. rash or sensitivity to sunlight. CT. gallium scans ect. feeling sick . Bone marrow. CAT. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy happens in cycles for days with a few weeks break can put a lot of stress on family . Chemotherapy can cause. Waiting around for these test to be done or while they are being done can take up a whole day. Peoples perception is the biggest affect on the person. Tests including PET scans.

Helplines Counselling Information booklets Support for family. friends and patients Education . paying bills and transport.Assistance/Services provided       There is funds available to provide financial support such as accommodation.

Resource or organisations that provide help.        Cancer council Carers Victoria GP services Centerlink Peter Mac Leukaemia foundation Cancer Voices Victoria .

leukaemia.Bibliography      ease http://lymphedemahelp.thefreedictionary.php archTerms[]=hodgkin phomas_hl.