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Strategic Ocean Areas

Naval Strategy

Chokepoints 1 .

Chokepoints 2 .

Hotspots .

Mobility of Sea Power .

Strategic Ocean Areas Naval Strategy Chokepoints 1 Chokepoints 2 Hotspots Mobility of Sea Power $100 $100 $100 $100 $200 $100 $100 $200 $200 $200 $300 $200 $200 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $400 $400 $500 $500 $400 $400 $400 $400 $500 $500 $500 $500 .

1 .100 1-100 . The loss of free transit in any of these strategic ocean areas would affect our national security.What are the four main ocean areas that are of prime strategic importance to the United States.

Arctic Ocean and Afro-Asian Ocean. .100 1-100A Atlantic Ocean. Pacific Ocean.1 .

1-200 Explain that this is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's area of responsibility. and the United States plays a major role in its defense. .

1 .100 1-200A Atlantic Ocean .

This ocean extends from the Bering Strait. which separates Alaska and the Soviet Union. to the Strait of Malacca separating Malaysia from Indonesian Sumatra and includes the China seas and Sea of Japan. 1-300 .

1 .100 1-300A Pacific Ocean .

1-400 .This strategic ocean area lies north of our own continent of North America and separates Canada and Alaska from Siberia and is a frozen naval operating area.

100 1-400A Arctic Ocean .1 .

1-500 Major sea-lanes cut through this strategic ocean area that includes the broad reaches of the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans carrying products from the Middle East around the Cape of Good Hope or through the Suez Canal. .

1 .100 1-500A Afro-Asian Ocean .

1 .100 2-100 What is NATO? .

1 .100 2-100A North Atlantic Treaty Organization .

A strong political tactic using the Navy and Marine Corps team that may reduce or even eliminate the need for direct military involvement. 2-200 .

100 2-200A Naval Presence Mission .1 .


Where a Naval communications station is located in the central Indian Ocean.

1 - 100 2-300A

Diego Garcia


What does insurgency mean?

100 2-400A A revolt against a government that is less than an organized revolution. but not really a war.1 . .

2-500 .A strong civilian arm of seapower. essential to US national security as espoused by Captain Alfred Thayer Mahan.

1 .100 2-500A Merchant Marine .

100 3-100 This body of water is an area vital to the defense of the United States that provides a water avenue to our southern and Midwestern states.1 . .

100 3-100A Gulf of Mexico .1 .

.3-200 A strategic trade route between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean area.

1 .100 3-200A Panama Canal .

.3-300 The Strait of Gibraltar is the front door to this sea.

1 .100 3-300A Mediterranean Sea .

.3-400 This strait is the front door to the Mediterranean. is a vital commercial chokepoint. or bottleneck to southern Europe and Northern Africa and the Middle East.

1 .100 3-400A Strait of Gibraltar .

3-500 Ships of Russia and the Ukraine come from seaports on the Black Sea through the "side door" to the Mediterranean through Turkey. .

100 3-500A Bosporus and Dardanelles .1 .

100 4-100 This sea is located between the Mediterranean Sea and Indian Ocean.1 . .

100 4-100A Red Sea .1 .

4-200 This port city sits at the Strait of Ma1acca's southern entrance. .

100 4-200A Singapore .1 .

. Norway. and West Germany control these straits that guard the entrance to the Baltic Sea.4-300 The NATO countries Denmark.

100 4-300A Danish Straits .1 .

and the Pacific. .4-400 The Seventh Fleet uses this chokepoint in the world's sea-lanes that is an ocean highway between the Indian Ocean. the South China Sea.

100 4-400A Strait of Ma1acca .1 .

.4-500 A ship must transit this strait when leaving the Red Sea on its way to the Indian Ocean.

1 .100 4-500A Strait of Bab E1 Mandeb .

.1 .100 5-100 Ships must transit this waterway between the Red Sea and the eastern end of the Mediterranean.

100 5-100A Suez Canal .1 .

5-200 .This US Naval base in Cuba protects our trade route through the Panama Canal and is crucial. for the stability and security of the Caribbean area.

100 5-200A Guantanamo Bay .1 .

.5-300 A hot spot in the Near Eastern area in recent years has been the site of a long war of attrition between Iran and Iraq fought with floating mines.

100 5-300A Persian Gulf .1 .

The nickname for the Strait of Gibraltar a chokepoint that is claimed by Great Britain and Spain and is a major reason for the poor relations between those two countries. 5-400 .

100 5-400A “The Rock” .1 .

5-500 These waters are of vital interest to the United States and our allies because the tankers that carry crude oil to ports throughout the free world pass through them. .

100 5-500A Strait of Hormuz .1 .

capable of meeting challenges in widely separated areas of the world is called.1 . .100 6-100 Since the Navy can travel freely on the high seas.

1 .100 6-100A Geographic Mobility .

6-200 .By using international waters (where there are no problems of national sovereignty) to achieve National Objectives we demonstrate.

1 .100 6-200A Political Mobility .

.6-300 Naval forces can move quickly wherever we wish. and disperse whenever and however necessary and can blockade the enemy—is what type of mobility.

1 .100 6-300A Tactical Mobility .

and ammunition at sea we have what type of mobility? 6-400 .Since we can replenish fuel. stores.

100 6-400A Sustained Mobility .1 .

combat-ready and able to anticipate problems. may act as what? .6-500 Having sea-based forces near certain land areas on the scene.

100 6-500A Deterrent force .1 .

Seapower .

What is the main advantage many foreign merchant fleets have over U.S. merchant fleet companies? .


.They are state supported.