Kevin Lynch’s Image Of The City

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Kevin Lynch     Interviewed urbanites in Boston Jersey City. and Los Angeles Most established a “generalized mental picture of the external physical world” The mental picture was very similar Their images emerged in a two way process:   They made distinctions among the various physical parts of the city They organized these parts in a personally meaningful way .

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Kevin Lynch      Paths: “channels along which the observer customarily moves” Edges: “the boundaries between two areas” Districts: “represent medium-tolarge sections of the city” Nodes: “points of intense activity” Landmarks: “physical reference points” .

Paths “channels along which the observer customarily…moves” .Kevin Lynch Some examples of of paths in Mankato are: -Railroads -Mankato has an intricate system of railroads which run throughout the city .

such as the Minnesota and New Ulm .Trails -Such as the Red Jacket trail .Paths -Rivers .

Paths -Streets -As the river used to be the most important path to the city. we now rely greatly on roads and highways for transportation .

. breaks between buildings. including shores.Edges  An edge is defined as a boundary between two areas. wide streets. walls. and open spaces.

A few of Mankato’s edges  The Minnesota River as an edge divides Mankato from North Mankato. . It also is a major reason Mankato has become such a prominent city.

Edges   The bluffs of Mankato serve as an important edge. . They separate the city between the lower valley and the upper highland.

Districts  Silk Stocking District. to show their finical well being. . with the nicest houses.Use to be the nicest part of town. It was given that name because the ladies that lived there wore silk stocking.

 Entertainment District.These houses were for the less well off people in Mankato. It includes the Civic Center and a Movie Theater. The houses here were plain.  .Districts Working Man’s located downtown on River Front Street.

Since 1867. the university has served as a symbol of one of the largest and most prestigious colleges in the state.Landmarks Minnesota State University serves Mankato as an important landmark. .

A 35 ton bison statue. . In September of 1997 the park was dedicated to the men who lost their lives.Landmarks Reconciliation Park serves Mankato as a symbol of the Dakota Massacre that occurred in 1862. stands as a symbol of the battles. carved by Tom Miller.

and there are other thing like the movie theater and the mall that is entertaining. Mums the word. The Haze. . Some examples of these places are BW3’s. Blue Bricks. Finnegan’s  Chopper’s There are also other bars and activities to do in the Old Town of Mankato.J.NODES Barmuda Triangle    The Barmuda Triangle is a node that lies in the heart of the Old Town district. The three bars that consist of the Barmuda Triangle are:  South Street  T.

NODES River Hill’s Mall   The River Hill’s Mall has been around for a decade.C. Sears. J. Pennys. It has a wide variety of stores such as Target. . Herbergers and Scheels.

CONCLUSION Kevin Lynch Nodes  Edges  Districts  Landmarks  Paths  .

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