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Many application programs deal principally with documents. which manage and integrate a computer's capabilities. but typically do not directly apply them in the performance of tasks that benefit the user. Examples include enterprise software. The system software serves the application. or may be published separately.INTRODUCTION Application software. Apps may be bundled with the computer and its system software. also known as an application or an "app". accounting software. graphics software and media players. is computer software designed to help the user to perform specific tasks. . Some users are satisfied with the bundled apps and need never install one. Application software is contrasted with system software and middleware. which in turn serves the user. office suites.

Advance financial planning systems provide goal seeking as well as statistical calculation. Some program provide rudimentary desktop publishing DATABASE Create and edit data records. . Replaces all type writer functions. of data quickly. SPREAD SHEET Create and edit rows and columns of numbers for budgets and financials and “What if” analysis. Interactive editing of data.TYPES OF APPLICATION SOFTWARE WORD PROCESSING Create and edit text files. Multidimensional spreadsheets provide different slices. Ask question summarize. or views. sort and print reports.

Access the largest body of information in the world .PRESENTATION GRAPHIC Create slide shows. do freehand drawing and turn numbers into 2-D and 3D business graphics WEB BROWSER Surf the web. E-MAIL CLIENT Send and receive e-mail message through a separate client program that typically has more features than e-mail via the web browser . Shop online and be entertained.

AAC and other audio formats. WMA. MPEG and other video formats. scheduler and tickler PROJECT MANAGEMENT Keep track of a project and determine the impact of changes.MEDIA PLAYER Play back MP 3 . PIM (PERSONAL INFORMATION SOFTWARE) Organize random information for fast retrievals includes such features as a telephone list with automatic dialing. calendar. Play back WMV. The “ Critical path” is computed. which monitors all tracks that will slow down the entire project if delayed. .

name.CAD (VECTOR GHRPHIC) Create drawing for illustration and industrial design. When symbols are moved the stay connected CONTACT MANAGER Keep record of prospects. address. IMAGING (RASTER GRAPHICS) Scan documents and paint pictures into TV. DIAGRAMMING PROGRAM Create drawing of interconnected symbols. but specialized for sales activities. . appointments similar to a PIM. such as network diagrams and organization images.

. run and print complex mathematical equations. MULTIMEDIA (GAMES AND EDUCATION) Multimedia adds graphics. SCIENTIFIC Analyze real-world events by simulating them oh high-speed computers or supercomputers. encyclopedias and other references and educational course ware of all kinds.MATHEMATICAL Create. sound and video for interactive games.

More advanced for layout than word processing programs.DESKTOP PUBLISHING Merge text and graphics and provide complete control over page layout for printing .shelf or custom programmed. update and report programs tailored to and industry such as Banking or Insurance. either off-the. VERTICAL MARKETS Data entry. Vertical market software is the most specialized type of application . query.

YouTube apps. All mobile phones have them too. Windows Mobile. APPLICATION SOFTWARE As for application software. Unix etc. Email Linux Maemo 5 etc. iOS. MS Word. Photoshop. . apps. they are like . Linux. such as Windows. Calendar etc. Internet Explorer etc.DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SYSTEM SOFTWARE & APPLICATION SOFTWARE SYSTEM SOFTWARE System software are operating systems. In mobile phones Insta gram. Excel. Power Point. RIMOS. such as Android.

Adobe PS. etc The System software was programmed to render the computers usage and make it someone the main control of the computer APPLICATION SOFTWARE Optional programs that can enhance and satisfy your needs with a computer. System Tools. The Application software is an additional tool of making usage ease up and comfort you. etc. Real player. and the like. .SYSTEM SOFTWARE The utility programs that always comes with the operating system. Disk Clean up. Examples: Command Prompt. they are considered the console of the computer. Examples of these are: Executable formats of games. Disk Defragmenter.

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