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HR Helpdesk

Roll out offer letter as per recruitment process


Record Creation Joining Report to all concerned / Non-Joinees Report to Managers Personal Documentation (Personal Files i.e Relevant Documents, Collection of Documents etc.) Form collection (Employee Data Form, PF, Gratuity, Code of Ethics) Welcome Letter Induction Bank Account Generation Retiral Benefits forms (PF, Gratuity) Payroll Inputs to finance Issuance of Letters (Increment / Promotion) Leave Administration - Leave Without Pay, Medical / Maternity Leave Separation process



Clarifying Policies to employees Procedures and Formats Policy Audit

Reports & Documentation

Separation (Resignation letter, acceptance by the manager, Relieving letter, experience certificate) Verification - Address Proof, Telephone, Gas - Request from employee) Promotion, Salary Hikes, Transfers Payroll (leave balance) Upkeep of the employee data Assisting in respective audits and follow-ups

Statutory Labor Laws

Karnataka Shops & Commercial & Establishments Act Employees State Insurance Act Provident Fund Employment Exchange (Compulsory Notification of Vacancies) Act 1959 Equal Remuneration Act 1976 Maternity Benefit Act Minimum Wages Act 1948 Payment of Bonus Act 1965 Payment of Gratuity Act 1972 Labor Welfare Fund Act 1968 Contract Labor Act ( Regulation & Abolition) Act 1970

How we can make the



Release the open positions on the website. Employee Referral Maintain a list of recruitment agencies. The resumes received from any of the above sources are screened and short-listed The short listed candidates are then categorized into To be interviewed or " Waitlisted " candidates Panel member duly fills up Hiring form and pass it on to HR for behavior interview. HR Team - Conduct behavioral interview Finalize the salary as per the salary matrix Issue the offer letter

Recruitment Team - Provide the list of new joinees to the HR team
Check if all the new joinees have undergone the joining formalities as per the check list HR Group - Collect all the relevant documents as per joining checklist & make a note of the candidates who havent submitted the same Provide Employee Code Open Bank Account Maintain Personal file Give the list of new joinees to the payroll & to medical insurance agency Allocate Employee to respective groups Administration Group - Provide Work stations & issue of I-Card IT Group - Provide System/Laptop & e-mail id

Manager Informs Human resources group about any resignation, loss of pay, deputation and transfer on the following payroll format. HR Team :- Sending following monthly payroll details to finance department a. Salary details of new joinees b. Resignation details c. Stop payment d. Loss of Pay e. Changes in salary structure f. Deputation Allowance

Ensuring Always
Validate the New joinees list. Total offers released vs actual joined. Validate salary break of new joinees as per offer letter. Consolidate resignation, loss of pay, deputation, transfer details in payroll format. Prepare a parallel report from the data sought from email id Cross check the data sought from email id / payroll format. Confirm on email from all new joinees about their date of joining / reporting through respective managers. Finance :To compute the salary details of the employees as per advice from Human resources group and deposit salary into bank account of the employees before the last day of the month.

Employee :- Informs Manager and/or Human Resources Staff of resignation. Manager :- Meet with the employee and then determine if it is in the company's interest to retain the employee. Discuss his or her reasons for leaving. Determine the actions required to keep the employee. Determine the employee's termination date. Inform HR about resignation / termination date through email on .. Consider whether any special agreements and repayments exist between the company and the employee. Determine if any of these agreements are impacted by the termination decision. Examples include: Contractual notice period that will be paid out Benefit extensions beyond the normal coverage

Determine if employee has any financial obligations to the company and work with payroll to determine if money will be deducted from the full & final settlement will be collated over a period or absorbed by the company(e.g. travel or relocation, outstanding payroll advances or other outstanding loans) Contact employee to discuss the debt and establish a method for repayment. Ensuring the proper paperwork is completed and submitted to HR HR Team :Conducting/collecting exit feedback via template or face to face, where applicable. Reviewing the impact of special agreements or repayments Obtaining approvals for payments to the employee, if necessary Inform relevant departments (e.g. Accounts) of termination.

Strengthening Training
Manage Training calendar Seeking nomination Managing Exceptions Coordinating with trainers/vendors Collating Training Feedback Sharing MIS Managing Competency database

Study the present working system of the organization Discuss the changes with the management

Define improvement areas

Recommend new changes

Consulting services by XY Coordinate to reflect the actual practice

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