Oil Spill And Marine Ecosystem

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due to human activities. .Definition  Oil spill is release of liquid petroleum hydrocarbon into the ocean or coastal waters.

Causes  Sinking or leakage of oil carrying vessels or oil pipeline  Countries at war  Illegal dumping by industries  Natural disaster .

 Effects entire marine life  Fishes die.Effects of oil spill  Covers the surface of water by a thick film. because they can’t breath  Nature takes up to ten years to recover. . if oil reaches the sea bed.


50am caused an oil spill that shocked environmentalists. But the more frightening consequences of that collision may come from containers with hazardous chemicals in them on board the MSC Chitra.  Khalijia should have been cautious and should not have entered the channel at an acute angle.Oil spill Mumbai  The big ship collision off the Mumbai on 7 aug 2010 at 9. .

Collision of msc chitra(imo: 7814838) & mv khalijia(imo:8128690) .

Measures taken on Mumbai oil spill:  The navy and the coastal guard carried out anti pollution operations for the third consecutive day to check and neutralize the oil spill.  Govt.  Specialists from Netherland requisitioned. convenes high-level meet  Fishing associations have been also requested not to carry out any fishing activity till the oil spill is contained .

 Leave the oil alone so that it breaks down by natural means. They are commonly placed across a narrow entrance to the ocean so that the oil can’t pass through into sensitive habitat. . Clean up the spill Booms :floating barrier to oil . 2.Kill spill 1.

these are most effective when used immediately of the initial oil spill.Kill spill cont.  Bioremediation:- Genetically modified bacteria use to degrade on shore line.  Use dispersants:- Chemical that disperse the oil into water column so that much less stays at the surface. .

 In-situ burning:- Burning of an oil or a part of oil slick before it reaches the coast.Kill spill cont.  Skimmers:- These are boats and other device that can remove oil from sea surface before it reaches sensitive areas along a coastline. . this technique work when the oil is fresh and weather is relatively calm.

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