Boston Roadway Safety Initiative

Situational Analysis
-As gas prices rise and the reality of global warming sets into the American public, progressive cities like Boston have received an influx of bicyclists. -Some main streets have bicycle paths, but presently the majority of the city's streets force cyclists to share the road with motorists. -Public transit exists in Boston, but is notoriously congested and ends at an early hour. As result, many young people have resolved to bike to get around the city in an economically friendly way. -Because biking in Boston is a relatively new trend, police officers are not trained in enforcing bike laws in the city. -The city of Boston allows for a "critical mass" (sort of a bikingholiday), and there are some groups (like the Boston Cyclist's Union) that work to protect bikers in the city.

Bike Laws in Massachusetts
-Permit and protect cyclists on all major roads (except freeways, highways, and specified sidewalks) -Require cyclists to obey the same traffic laws motorists must obey (includes signaling) -Require all cyclists to equip their bicycles with proper reflectors and equipment to maintain visibility on roads

• There is inner-city road rage between cyclists and motorists o Motorists' aggressiveness and impatience o Cyclists' disobedience of driving laws • Both feel threatened and uneasy behind the wheel • Pedestrians are in danger too

Solution // Bridge communications between cyclists and motorists by raising awareness of the dangers of aggressive driving and unruly biking.


• Primary 1.Bikers/cyclists 2.Motorists/vehicle owners
• Secondary

1.Pedestrians 2.Boston Police Department 3.Massachusetts government officials
• How do these publics relate to each other?


Research Plan....
Research recorded bicycle accidents in boston Interview Boston police and Boston Cab drivers Interview Boston cyclists and pedicab drivers Research similar cases Research Bike laws

— —To provide security for bicyclists and motorists as they travel through the Boston area on roadways.

• Reduce road accidents between bicycles and vehicles by 20% • Influence a strong comprehension of road rules for both cyclists and motorists • More state-funded street signs, road lanes, and traffic lights • Increase amount of bikers in boston

An immediate difficulty is the neutral standpoint that we are attempting to maintain. It is extremely difficult to please two crowds-- to defend one without irritating the other. For example, because motorists are "stronger," cyclists tend to be more seriously injured in accidents and are much easier to defend, even when they might be at fault. Cyclists are rarely expected to follow road rules by anyone other than irritated and aggravated drivers. Another challenge are these aggravated drivers; cyclists are aware that they can't get rid of cars. Because cyclists are relatively new to the streets though, motorists have every desire to simply be rid of them. It would be far more difficult to have them participate in any peace-making sort of deal.

Programming and Communication
In order to reach the proper publics, we must make sure we communicate effectively. -Must use new media -Must use "old" media -Must communicate "IRL" for an emotional impact!

Cyclists are typically younger and more comfortable with new media. "New Media" tactics will primarily target bicyclists. Cyclists must have a reason to listen! -Stunts will reach bicyclists emotionally -Bike Shops and Bike-Community hot spots must help to generate buzz about campaign


Con't... other publics....

Latent Public: Pedestrians and motorist who only occasionally visit the city of Boston.

Intervening:, Boston cyclist Union,

Measurement of Success
• Measurement of Relationships o Survey Primary Publics for Road Security Satisfaction periodically o Communication with the Boston Police Department  Ticketing information  Check to see if the BPD increased regulation • Feedback Upkeep o Facebook/ Twitter forums and discussion boards o News Outlets o Respond to letters, Phone calls, Complaints • Crash/Accident Statistics o Check for decline over time  Areas where signage was improved • Amount of Views on PSA and check Comments


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