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An important strategy for enhancement in food production.

What is Animal Husbandry?


is the agriculture practice of breeding and raising livestock like buffalos,cows,pigs,horses,camels etc. that are useful to humans.

It also includes poultry farms and fishery.

Management procedures in animal farm systems

A) Dairy Farm Management In dairy farm management we deal with the processes that increase the yield and improve quality of milk. * Major requirements 1)selection of good breeds having high yield potential. 2)resistance of breed towards diseases.

3)considering the quality and quantity of fodder while feeding the cattle. 4)cleanliness and hygiene while milking,storage,transfer of milk.

B) Poultry Farm Management

Poultry is a class of domesticated fowl used for food or their eggs. They include chicken,duck,turkey, geese etc. *Major requirements
1)selection of disease free breeds. 2)safe farm conditions. 3)proper feeding. 4)hygiene and health care.

improved taurine breeds of cattle,

Eggs being collected in a poultry farm

It aims at increasing the yield of animals and improving the desired qualities if the produce.

Types of Breeding
A) Inbreeding: breeding between animals of same breed. Breeding strategy Superior males and females of same breed are identified and mated. Progeny obtained are evaluated and superior males and females among them are taken for further breeding .

Advantages of Inbreeding Increase in homozygosity. Its necessary if we want to evolve a pureline any animal. It exposes harmful recessive genes that are eliminated by selection. It helps in accumulation of superior genes. Increase in productivity of inbred population .

Disadvantages of Inbreeding Continued close inbreeding reduces fertility and productivity. It is called inbreeding depression.

B) Out breeding: Breeding of unrelated animals between individuals of same breed or between different breeds(cross breed) or different species(interspecific hybridization).

Out Crossing
Mating of animals within same breed but having no common ancestors. The offspring is called outcross. It is the best method for animals below average in milk productivity. Single outcross can overcome in breeding depression.

Cross breeding
Superior males of one breed are mated with superior females of another. Desirable qualities of 2 different breeds are combined.

improved British longwool

Interspecific Hybridization
Male and female animals of 2 different species are mated.

Progeny may combine desirable features of both parents e.g. mewl

Artificial Insemination
Semen is collected for male and injected into reproductive cract of female.

Multiple ovulation embryo transfer technology

It is used to improve chances of successful production of hybrid.

Maintenance of bee hives for honey production. Apis indica is most common species of honey bee which is reared. *Major requirements: 1) Selection of suitable location for hives. 2)Catching and hiving of swarms 3)Management and collection of honey and beeswax.

Honey beehive

Fisheries is an industry developed by catching, processing or selling of fish,shellfish etc.
The aqua culture and pisciculture produce of aquatic animals and plants has been increased. Blue revolution program has been implemented along the same line as green revolution.


By Tulika shokeen