the discussion and the evaluation of ethics in the face of selected issues. This course would also discussed all topics relevant to the professional working scenario such as the universal ethics principles. ethics and humanity. ethical aspects from main religious viewpoints. .Synopsis  This course will introduce the basic and practical concepts pertaining to the body of knowledge known as work ethics for professionals. professional ethics. and examinations of the relationships between scientists.

Course Objectives  To promote awareness amongst students as regards the role and important of ethics in the professional field. .  To highlight the duty of the professional and to practice professional behavior according to the ethical and moral guidelines which can be found in the professional code of ethics.  To identify recent ethical issues and to dissect and resolve the issues in a realistic manner within the context of Malaysian values.

Course Assessments  Group Assignment/Discussions/Quizzes  Mid-Term Test  Final Test 40% 30% 30% .

(2003). Ethics for Professionals in a Multicultural World. S. (2004).References Cooper. Janib Johari (2001). . Cambridge. & Cocking. Virtue Ethics and Professional Roles. D. Ethics for the Professionals. Rowan. UK: Cambridge University Press. JR. D... & Zinaich. Johor: Penerbit UTM. New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall. J. CA: Wadsworth/Thomson Learning. E. Etika Profesional. (2001). Oakley. J. Mohd. Belmont. Skudai.

The nature of ethics Ethical theories and its applications Scope and the study of professional ethics The professionals. Buddhism. respect for self. loyalty 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 Professional-client relations. consideration. intellectual activities. etc. moral leadership. Hinduism) Discussion on the relationship between professionals ethics and several areas of scientific research such as an organ transplantation. and sense for responsibility. Professionals’ social responsibilities Values in professional ethics. and education) 14/1-11 15/6-11 Revision 2 2 Final Test (Topic 1 – 11) . engineering. Ethical aspects from the viewpoint of the world’s major religion (Islam. trustworthy. and health care) Discussion on a specific professional’s work ethics (counseling. law. Professionals rights Mid-term break Mid-term Test (Topic 1 – 5) The commitment of professionals in terms of honesty. (Submission of Group Assignment) Discussion on a specific professional’s work ethics (business and the professionals. integrity.Tentative Week/ Topic Topics Contac t Hours 1/1 2/2 3/3 4/4 5/5 6/6 7/8/1-5 9/7 10/8 11/9 12/10 13/11 Introduction to the course. environmental issues. Preliminary discussion about ethics Ethical concept in general. journalism. Christian. human reproductively technology.

 Each group would consists of four (4) to five (5) member.Group Formation  You are required to form a group of your own for the group assignment. .  Each group must have their own leader who will responsible to manage his/her group according to the group needs.  The group with multi-racial membership would be given an advantage.

Lecturer. Architecture. Lawyer. .g.g. utilitarian theory. it would unable to be changed. Engineer. no mark would be given for your group. Deontology theory.Group Assignment (40%) – Due Date: week 11 (marks will be deducted for any delay/no latency)  Each group is required to conduct a simple research (case study) on the applicability of theories of ethics (e. Once you confirmed the topic.  It is compulsory to register a title of your group assignment on or prior to the next meeting.  Each group needs to choose only one (1) professional (e. etc) to complete the given task. Any changes would not be entertained. etc) in the daily work of professionals in Malaysia. Doctor. Scientist. Otherwise.

Findings 5.Font: Arial (Single Space). .0.Format  The group assignment must contain the following aspects:        1.Not less than 15 pages exclude references and other additional information. Recommendations Methodology 4.0. . Conclusion References . Introduction 2.0 Objectives 3.

but he considered doing the right thing when he arrested a person identified as being guilty of doing harm to the local community.g.g.  Ethics = the study of such standards as we use or propose to judge such things / a set of moral principles. E.What is ‘morality’ and ‘ethic’? There is a different between the term morality and ethics as follow:  Morality = the right or wrong (or otherwise) of an action. a policeman was wrong (guilty) if he was arresting a person without reason. . Ali. ethics for professionals (a study of such standard use to judge professionals membership attitudes and behavior. a way of life or a decision. E.

deception.What is ethical issues?  A problem or situation that requires a person or organization to choose between alternatives that must be evaluated as right (ethical) or wrong (unethical). sexual harassment. disloyalty. corruption. . etc. and what is considered as evil in a society. discrimination. sexual relationship with client. whistleblowing.  E. plagiarism.g: misuse of power.  Many of us believes that ethical issues involves right and wrong or what is considered as good.

A healthy woman is not married and has promised a very good wage for the purpose of seeking abortion to the young doctor. 2001) Issue 1 A young doctor was approached by a young pregnant mothers of 3 months.Examples of Ethical Issues (Modified based on : Mohd. Should this young doctor to perform the request of the woman? . Janib Johari.

Issue 2  A young civil engineer was forced by a contractor to provide certificate of approval to occupy the premises (OC) for the completed school building. The contractor is the nephew of the engineer. After an inspection.  Should the engineer compromise to give approval? . the engineer found many of the specifications are not met and may cause problems in terms of future security.

Issue 3  A residential architecture company is facing financial problems due to lack of receiving a large value of contract. Suddenly a sewerage company has offered a substantial contract to design sewage disposal systems in a residential area.  Do architects in the company is receiving the contract? .

Issue 4  A law firm is handling the case of two clients in different places and the court. they will argue against the same legal provisions.  Should law firm represent both clients? . they will argue based on a legal provision. In a case A. While in case B. This phenomenon is emerge because the existence of a conflict of interest between the two client. and operated by a different group of lawyers.

 Should the professor is receiving the task? . It involved the research ethics.Issue 5  A professor of computer science at a university XYZ was contacted by a government’s safety agency to build the way to access the another computer with unknown access password codes.

 Should the doctor advice all the family members to do a sexually transmitted illness test when it involving a professional obligation to its customers? . The patient asks the doctor to keep it from his family as this will damage the marriage.Issue 6  A family doctor found that the father of a family is suffering from venereal disease. This case also involves the problem of obligation to others.

painful or pleasant? What do you think? .Verse to think about Being a professional is very horrible.

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