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By: Harpreet Kaur E.

No:05615904409 MCA 6th Sem

Company profile. Services. Introduction
Scope Objective

System study.
Existing system. Deficiencies. Proposed system

Technology used. Module Description. Output screen. Conclusion. Future scope.

Company Profile
Daksh Technology is a leading company in providing Quality Products in the IT sector. The company aims at providing the ultimate and unmatched quality solutions to its clients in all corporate business houses and Government organization. The company have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals that adds to the base of the company.

Client satisfaction and implementing ones requirement to the fullest being the hallmark of the organization. The center is fully equipped for executing projects for its customers. Daksh Technology is in the unique position to deliver projects and services successfully at client sites.

Software Development

Web Application Development

Website Designing Internet Marketing Web Hosting Service E-Commerce Solutions

Objective :Online Exam will reduce the hectic job of assessing the answers given by the candidates manually. Responses by the candidates will be checked automatically after completion of exam. Being an integrated Online Examination System it will reduce paper work. The result will be shown immediately to the participating students.

Can generate report of exam result almost instantly as and when required. Mail Notifications to the student about their login id and, password and response for the query.

Scope :Online Examination System is designed for Education Institutes like Schools, Colleges and Private Institutes to conduct objective test of their students on a regular basis. Design to facilitate Administrator and User. User friendly interfaces. Complete and secure information is provided to user.

System Study
Existing System
The whole process of assigning test and evaluating their scores after the test ,was done manually till date. Processing the test paper i.e. designing question paper, checking and distributing respective score used to take time when the software at that time not installed.

The current system is very time consuming. It is difficult to analyze the exam manually.

To take exam of more candidates more invigilators are required but no need of invigilators in online exam. Result are not precise as calculation and evaluation are done manually. The chances of paper leakage is more in current system.

Proposed System Login Query solving capabilities. Add, delete and update user information. User can get result instantly as soon as the test completes. Administrator can also add/delete subject and questions and answers from the database.

Technology Used
FRONTEND:- (LANGUAGES) J2EE:- Java 2 Enterprise Edition is a programming platform. It is part of the Java Platform for developing and running distributed multitier architecture Java applications. HTTP:- Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a client/server protocol between web browser & a Web Server.

APACHE TOMCAT:- Web-server for running j2ee

applications over network. HTML:- HTML ,stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, is a markup Language for web pages. It provides a means to create structured documents including headings, pictures, objects, lists, links, and other items and can be used to create interactive pages.

MY SQL:- MYSQL is used as a database. MY-SQL is a user friendly user database with no special Skills required to learn it. Database and tables in MY-SQL are portable. Users can create tables, queries, forms and reports, and connect them together with macros.

Modules Description
These give a brief idea about the various links and functioning of the individual modules. List of Modules: Login Change Password Examination Add/Delete subject Add/Modify Questions Solve Query

Output Screen

Login Menu

Admin Menu

Change Password

Add Qusetion

Modify Qusetion

Edit Question

Add Subject

Delete Subject

Solve Query

Send Reply


As far as design are concern no designs is complete ever and there are chances of improvement every moment, it is true with our design also and lots of amendments can be introduced in future. After performing all the necessary testing we can conclude that our design will implement properly for which it was made.

Future Enhancement
The system can be enhanced to support other QA types like fill in the blanks , true /false, match the column etc. The system can be enhanced by deploying it to world wide web,so user can use the system from distant place. The current system can take only one active test at a time the system can be modified so as to support multi active test at a one time from the server

The On line test System is developed using Java and sql fully meets the objectives of the system for which it has been developed. The system has reached a steady state where all bugs have been eliminated. The system is operated at a high level of efficiency and all the teachers and user associated with the system understands its advantage. The system solves the problem. It was intended to solve as requirement specification.