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By: Mahesh Kumar Pandey IIPM MBA

What is McDonalds?

What is McDonalds?


Types of Restaurants
Counter Service Drive-through Service

Types of Restaurant

Business Model

Product Consistency Franchise Act like a retailer and think like a brand


McDonalds in India
Connaught Plaza Restaurants

Hard Castle Restaurants

Business Infrastructure
Head Office
Regional Office

Branch Office

Responsibilities and activities of branch office manager

Crew Chief

Kitchen Manager

Team Leader

Floor Manager

Restaurant Manager

Activities of Employees

Frontline Employee

Restaurant Manager

Product Name McAloo tikki Cold drink Ice cream

Sales 5000 5000 9000

Amount 100000 150000 270000

Grand total 100000 150000 270000 520000

Flow of Reports

Head Office Manager

Regional Office Manager

Branch Office Manager Frontline Employees


Universal access to information

Management access for status monitoring and tracking Business Management Database for management and sales managers Real time online systems Data mining application for strategic management of the business

Technology Platform

Enterprise Management System

Operating System Platform: NT4.0, UNIX Network Internet

Application Technology Client Server / Web Enabled Applications

Application Solution Oracle 8I, Oracle Financials, Oracle Application 11i Front End VB, IIS 4.0

Technology Platform

Back End Database Server, Application Server, Microsoft Transaction Server, Web Server
Security Firewall Server and Proxy Server Enterprise Resource Planning

What an Enterprise Needs

Management of data
Management of related systems and sub systems Event monitoring, updating and control

Enterprise Management System

Enterprise Resource Planning

Finance Human Resource s


ERP Administr ation Planning

Operation s


ERP Modules
Quality Management

Human Resourcce



Sales & Distribution

Maintenance Managemet

Purpose of Modules

Data Capture
Data Transaction Validation Analysis


Reduction of Lead Time

Placement of order and execution

Inventory Management System Integrated with purchase, production planning and production department Automation Efficient Increase in inventory turnover

Reduction in cycle time

Going Live

Removal of old system

Introduction of new system Data conversion

Data bases up and running

Prototype configured and tested Going operational

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