Sambutan si penerima telepon Hello  Six one seven eight eight five (617885)  Linda. Good Morning  Sardjito General Hospital. Good morning can I help you?  .

Yg dihubungi (that is seven ou one nine nine seven?) Meminta tolong untuk bicara dengan seseorang (Could I speak to Mr. Rian? I am returning his call) . please?) (May I speak to Mr.Salam si penelepon        Ucapkan salam dan mengenalkan diri (Good morning. Rian. I’m Damar) Pastikan no telp.

please?  Is that you Chris?  . please?  Who’s speaking. please?  What’s your name.Menanyakan siapa si penelepon Who is calling. plesae?  What is that. please?  Could I have your name.

please?  What’s your office number.Menanyakan no si penelepon What’s your phone number.please?  . please?  Could I have your telephone number?  Could you give me your number. please?  What’s your home number.

Johan on extention 143. please  . please?  Could you give me your extention number.Menanyakan no pesawat (extention) What’s your extention number. please?  Could I speak to Mr.

please Can you hold? Would you please wait a moment? Hold the line.Meminta Menunggu          Just a moment. please One moment. I’ll see if he is available I’m putting you through Trying to connect you . please Just a minute. please. I’ll see if he is available Please don’t hang up.

I’m afraid Mrs.. I’m afraid Mrs. Alexandra is not here I’m sorry. I’m afraid Mrs. …. …. Is not available just now Is there anything I can do for you I’ll ask her to call you back as soon as she’s freee . is at the meeting I’m sorry.. is on the line I’m sorry.. I’m afraid Mrs. ….Alasan – alasan jika yg dicari tidak ada       I’m sorry.

please? My number ou ou one nine nine seven (Penelepon)  .Tindak lanjut jika yg dicari tidak ada Would you rather call back?  Would you like to speak to some one else?  Would you like to leave a message?  Could I put you through her secretary?  Can I take a message?  Could you ask her to call me back.

Ungkapan – ungkapan yg digunakan bila salah sambung I’m sorry you’ve got the wrong number  Sorry. I’ve got the wrong number  . wrong number  I’m sorry.

Good bye. Sir  Thank you.Mengakiri pembicaraan Thank you. Bye bye  .

Good morning : Hello is that 617 885? : Yes. Can I help you.Contoh percakapan di telepon Damar  Bobby  Damar  Bobby  Damar  : Damar’s speaking. She’s not here. I’m sorry. Sir? : Could I speak to Pina. Can I take a message?  Bobby : Pardon? . please : One a moment. please ……..

Could you tell her that Bobby called  Damar : Yes. of course. sir?  Bobby : Yes.  Bobby : Thank you very much.Damar : Can I take a message. Good bye  Damar : You’re welcome  .

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