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Presentation Script

We start the presentation today, Thank for the time given to me. Dear, for Mr. Mayor, Mr. sabangau subdistrict, the venerable father and teacher, and all my friends who are willing to attend this event. And then, we would like to give gratitude to Almighty God for his blessing, mercy, guidance, and gift. Than, we can gather in this building in good health without deficiency. To present some of my experiment to the audience that comes here. The first time, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Heru Pralambang Indra Irawan Im a student of SMK Negeri Kecil 1 Palangka Raya Im sixteen years old, and I come from Central Kalimantan On this sunny day, lets us rejoice together and see some of the knowledge given to student who comes here to demonstrate some knowledge, especially Knowledge of Physic. We give a rousing applause, that the atmosphere here looks bright. And then, I take the tittle is a Musical Glugging.

Story about Experience

On this Occasion, I will tell you about my experience, this is my story : One day, Im doing the work as usual in the home environment. After that, I went into the house to fetch water, the drinking water depots. At the time, I saw the bubble on the galon. I watch a few moment. I heard the low frequency sound that bubbles when the water is full, and when the water is low, the higher frequency produced. Thats why, I was inspired to create a tool that comes from the sound of the bubble. Therefore, I make the experiment by using four galon of water with each different volume.

Formulation of the problem

what factors that influence the high frequency of the gallon?

Writing Objectives
Finding the factors that influence the frequency of the tone of bubble.

Benefits Of Writing
1. Creating a new musical instrument. 2. finding out how much sound frequencies are in a sealed container, which was given water. 3. Providing their own instruments for other modern instruments. 4. knowing how much the quality of sound in water.

Next Experience Story

On this occasion, I want to create a component related to music. So, all thing will be done of practice associated with the art of music. By using the style, depth of water, until it reaches a pressure, which is the cause of the wave frequency. This frequency is searched and researched to produce a sound. However, it may recordings resulting from the lack of clarity or lack of good. So, we cannot clearly hear the sound produce. But, by looking at the sound of the wave generated. We can knock tone. For example, the tone DO, RE, MI, FA and another. All that can be done by adjusting the way that will be described later. So, today I will explain the sound to be generated from the wave.

Before, I did my experiment process. Ive learn to play guitar, with the conclusion that : A guitar string guitar on board, in contrast to broad cross-section. At different frequency when plucked with the other string.

We take an example, using a Musical Instrument Guitar. A way to play is by picking apart the side of the light is on board the guitar. At the moment, the sound produced from the guitar is a very big influence on the resulting frequency. Obtain the folowing formula :

the square root of

equal to

Four galon Small Hose Water Pipe

Way of Working
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. First of all, we prepared the materials to be used for experiments, Then, give a full gallon of water, for the first gallon. and for two to four gallons of waterwere sufficient according to this picture, Then we insert a small tube into the hole located above a gallon, then we put a coveraround the hole gallon, so the air does not come out. Then, connect the small pipe to the hose, then connect with the pump, after, all the series has been completely flat. doing the blowing, the pump, so that airentering through the hose, to enter into the gallon. At the time, will produce bubbles that produce different frequencies, and will produce a varied sound.


experiments that I made

The Formulation of the Bubble in Galon

Frequency is proportional to the root of air is blown and the hydrostatic pressure, then the frequency is inversely proportional to the root of the radius of air bubbles and the density of water.
Information : f = Frequency L = The length of string F = Style = Density of A = Broad crosssection

Hydrostatic Pressure
Based on the material that I learned, my experiment is dependent on : When air enters through the pipe, and then goes into four gallon of water. therein, there will be pressure from the entry of air into a gallon earlier. all of which use the pressure equation, the formula is different. However, because the materials used are not given a gallon cap then, using the following formula:

P = gh

Base on the literature that I learn. Obtained the experimental formula that I created :
That influence the pressure and density. So, the sound produced, derived from a given pressure and density of existing materials.

If you watch these videos directly, the difference in tone of the bubble is not so apparent. To detect the tone of the bubble, we can use the frequency software.

Let us look together.

Of the detect software, it is evident that Hydrostatic Pressure affects the magnitude of the pressure bubble frequency tone.


Magnitude of the pressure affects the size of the frequency on the gallon. Influence
So that affects the frequency of the dominant sound is the pressure.

The Resulting sound may not be as expected. However, I beg your criticism and suggestions for experiments that I made... Thus, experiments that I have to say, but to enjoy the tool to compare the actual music, not yet. So this test, only to find that the sound produced is different.

Presentation so that I can convey. If there are words that are less willing heart, I apologize profusely. Thank you very much.