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CL2L6 -我要去銀行開一個帳戶
I am going to the Bank to open an Account
Objectives • Open a bank • Talk about interest rates and exchange rates Projects: Make a fake credit card

Language In Use1. 3.


Language In Use1. 取款卡
qu3 kuan3 ka3 ATM card

3. 美金
mei3 jin1 US Dollar

2. 百分之
bai3 fen1 zhi1 percentage

Language in Use1. 我拿取款卡到銀行取現金 . 2. 我的存款利息是百分之二 . 3. 在美國我們用美金買東西 .

Language in Use (cont).4. 6.


Language in Use (cont).4. 支票
zhi1piao4 check

6. 寄
ji4 mail

5. 職員
zhi2yuan3 employee

Language in Use
4. 我很少用支票買東西 . 5. 銀行的職員很有禮貌 . 6. 我們可以寄錢到國外 .

Language Notes
開 means "to open". It can be used when opening a bank account ( 開銀 行帳戶 ), writing a check ( 開支票 ), and writing an invoice ( 開發票 ).

Language Notes (cont.)
When used in " 銀行 ", 行 is pronounced (hang2). When used as a noun or an adjective to mean "OK" or "good", it is pronounced (xing2).

Language Notes (cont.)
Referring to "account", both 帳 and 賬 can be used in traditional character texts. However, only 帐 is used in simplified character text.

Language Notes (cont.) 
那 means "then" or "in that case". It is often used in conversations to connect sentences.

Language Notes (cont.) 
Both 匯率 and 兌換率 are used in mainland China to mean "exchange rate". In Taiwan, 匯率 is more commonly used.

Language Notes (cont.)
Both 取款機 and 提款機 mean banking machine. 取款機  is used in mainland China while 提款機  is commonly used in Taiwan.

Supplementary Vocabulary1.


Supplementary Vocabulary1. 定期存款
ding4qi1 cun2kuan3 certificate of deposit; fixed deposit

2. 新台幣
xin1tai2bi4 Taiwan Dollar

Supplementary Vocab. Sentences
1. 我的定期存款利息是百分之三 . 2. 我們在美國不用新台幣 .

Supplementary Practice Vocabulary1.


Supplementary Practice Vocabulary1. 健康保險
jian4kang1 bao3xian3 health insurance

2. 稅收制度
shui4shou1 zi4du4 tax system

Supplementary Vocab.Sentences
1. 握有買健康保險  . 2. 美國的稅收制度不好 .

我要去銀行開一個帳戶 How to Make a Bank Account

Idiom- 井底之蛙 -A frog in a well

Moral: To have an open mind

Cultural Notes- 中國的銀行業
CHINA'S BANKING INDUSTRY China's banking industry is regulated by: 中國人民銀行
zhong1guo2 ren2min2 ying2hang2 The People's Bank of China (PBOC)

Cultural Notes (cont).
Four Main Banks of China: • Bank of China • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China • Agricultural Bank of CHina • China Construction Bank

Fun With Chinese-Song魚枝子 ( 張志和 ) 西賽山前白鷺飛 , 桃花流水鮭魚肥 . 請箬笠 , 綠簑衣 , 斜風細雨不須歸 .
To the tune of Yu Zhi zi (Zhang, Zhihe) White egret is flyign in front of Mount Xisai, Peach flowers are blossming, water is running and the mandarin fish is fat. With dark green bamboo hat and green straw rain cape on, I do not need to return home even when there is wind and drizzlign rain.

Fun With Chinese-Proverb三百六十行 , 行行除 狀 元 .
san1 bai3 liu4shi2 hang2, hang2 hang2 chu1 zhuang1yuan. All trades and professions have their elite.
(*This proverb is usually used to encourage people that no matter what kind of job one does, as long as one works hard one can be successful).*

Useful words p193 Robert Eng C4P4#7

Useful words p193
世界上 , 亞洲有最多 的人 世界上 , 亞洲有最多的人  Shìjiè shàng, yàzhōu yǒu zuìduō de rén In this world, Asia has the largest population.

Useful words p193

Useful words p193
世界上 , 非洲有許多窮 人.
世界上 , 非洲有许多许人 .

Shìjiè shàng, fēizhōu yǒu xǔduō qióng rén. Africa has a lot of poor people.

Useful words p193

Useful words p193
大洋洲有很多的島 大洋洲有很多的島  Dàyángzhōu yǒu hěnduō de dǎo Oceania has many islands.

Useful words p193

Useful words p193
北美洲非常豐富 \ 北美洲非常豐富  Běi měizhōu fēicháng fēngfù North America is very rich.

Useful words p193

Useful words p193
中東有許多石油 中许有许多石油  Zhōngdōng yǒu xǔduō shíyóu Middle East has lots of oil.

Useful words p193

Useful words p193
拉丁美洲有許多人會 講西班牙語


Lādīng měizhōu yǒu xǔduō rén huì jiǎng xībānyá yǔ Latin America has many Spanish speaking residents.

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