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Key Insights from The First 90 Days

Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels By Rocky Esguerra HR Associate Director P&G Taiwan

Management Transitions
People fail due to an interplay of the situation and their own strengths and opportunities. There is a strategy for accelerating transitions; it doesnt have to be by accident. The strategy not only helps individuals but also the larger organization as well.

But what happens in reality most of the time.

The Story of the Ambitious Penguin

Penguin getting promoted to the next level.

The Peers The Promotee The Next Level Its sink or swim..

The Price of a Failed Transition

End of a promising career Non-realization of full potential Lost opportunity to advance career

Disruption/loss to business
Negatively affects others---direct reports, boss, peers. On the average, 12.4 people.

The Breakeven Point

+ --------------------


Value Created

Breakeven Point Net Contribution = 0

6.2 mos.

Value Consumed


6 Lessons from The First 90 Days

What struck me the most.

Some of the concepts not new
Achieving Alignment Building your Team Creating Coalitions

Focus on new concepts that struck me Share some examples from personal experiences; would encourage you to do the same.

Lesson 1
Promote Yourself

Make a mental break to let go of the past and embrace the new job.

Create key transition milestones for the 90 days.

90 Day Milestones - Professional

MONTH 1 July 2003
Get to know Boss, Direct Reports and Peers as people (personal background, interests, career) and business partners (expectations, priorities, feedback about HR)

MONTH 2 August 2003

Sense employees talked to 30 - 40 people Continue Month 1 Activities Start of TTF Divestiture and TANGO Projects

MONTH 3 September 2003

LT Offsite + MDO Theme (Made in Taiwan, Win in the World)

90 Day Milestones - Personal

MONTH 1 July 2003
Choose, move and settle into house Settle down kids in school Meet Embassy people Start maid application Get Drivers license + decide on buying car

MONTH 2 August 2003

Unpack shipment and fix up house Resume exercise routine Resume some social events (with Filipino colleague)

MONTH 3 October 2003

Arrival of maid----finally! Resume normal social events Saturdays with family, plan November Halloween Party and Nikkis birthday party

Know yourself your vulnerabilities and preferences.

What made you successful in the past may not necessarily make you successful in the new role. Everyone likes to do some things more than others. Know what kinds of jobs you prefer and not prefer.

Lesson 2
Accelerate your Learning by creating a Learning Agenda & Plan

Lesson 2: Accelerate your Learning

Develop a learning agenda (WHAT) Qs about Past, Present and Future. Who will you talk to? What are written materials you can get to understand the new role better? How will you get the information?

Lesson 3
The STaRS Model

Lesson 3: STaRS Model

Realignment RECOVERY CYCLE Sustaining Success Fail CRISIS CYCLE Turnaround Fail Succeed Shutdown/ Divest. Fail Succeed Succeed Start Up


Leading with the Right Skills

Hunters for Start Ups and Turnarounds. Rapid diagnosis of the situation Act quickly and decisively Ready-Fire-Aim

Leading with the Right Skills

Farmers for Realignments & Sustaining Success
Understanding culture and org. politics Cultivate awareness for change Ready-Aim-Fire

Learning vs. Doing

Bias for Doing turnarounds and start ups Bias for Learning realignments and sustaining success

The Hunter Doer

The Learning Farmer

Lesson 4
Secure Early Wins

Secure Early Wins

By the end of 90 days, you want your Boss, peers and subordinates to feel that something new and good is happening. Early wins should be consistent with your Aitem business priorities and introduce the new pattern of behavior you want to instill.

Lesson 5
Negotiate Success

Proactively engaging with your new boss to shape the game so you have a fighting chance of achieving desired goals.

Building a Productive Relationship with the Boss: DONTs

Dont trash the past. Dont stay away. Dont surprise your boss Dont approach the boss only with problems. Dont run down your checklist. Dont try to change the boss.

Building a Productive Relationship with the Boss: DOs

Take 100% responsibility for making the relationship work. Clarify mutual expectations early on. Negotiate timelines for diagnosis and action planning. Aim for early wins important to the boss. Pursue good marks from those whose opinions your boss respects.

5 Conversations
Situational Diagnosis Expectations Style Resources Personal Development

Lesson 6
3 Pillars of Self Efficacy

Adopting Success Strategies

Enforcing Personal Disciplines

Plan to Plan Judiciously defer commitment Set aside time for hard work Go to the balcony Focus on Process Check in with Yourself Recognize when to quit

Build Support Systems

Assert control locally Stabilize home front Build your Advise & Counsel Network

What happens when we do a great job at Transition Acceleration..

The Penguin made it.and didnt drown!