The Magical Clouds

By Madhavi Vaidya

Once upon a time there was a beautiful jungle And it had an unusual name. It was Kirrr…The Jungle was full of animals and many beautiful


Monkeys, Giraffes, Deer, Snakes, Rabbits, Elephants, Parrots lived along with the King of the jungle-the Lion!!! All lived together in the Jungle like one big family!

Some animals were mischievous and some were a little scary.

Some were very chirpy, some were squirmy and there were others that were creepy and crawly too! Together they all made different sounds.

The spooky spiders made cob-webs on the trees…

And the ‘Betty Beatles’ played hide and seek amongst the bushes all day long…

The animals even had a school on one of the trees!!! Poppy the parrot, Suri the catterpillar, Hisss-Sisss the snake, Ruby the rabbit and Mallu the monkey were some of the students…

But one day the humans invaded Kirrr…They planned to trap the animals.

They even planned to cut down the trees. They imagined to kill the animals and then selfishly use their skin too.

Soon the Jungle Kirrr… was abuzz with gossip. The news of how the Jungle was in danger spread like fire.

The cruel humans decided not to spare the fish and the ocean life too…

So the fish and turtle families tried to tune in to know the dangerous situation that was awaiting everyone.

Now fearing the humans one by one all the animals disappeared from the jungle…

Gone were the giraffes and the monkeys and the snakes and the parrots….

Even the king was so helpless …

No one would eat the leaves or play hide and seek…The whole environment of the jungle Kirrr…was disturbed.

Thus one fine day there were no more trees left in the Jungle Kirrr… Naturally the clouds didn’t visit Kirrr… for a long time leaving the jungle in a dry famine with no water at all.

Finally one day the rain-gods themselves descended and decided to do something about the situation…They thought of a magic!

Now there were three quarrelsome clouds in the heaven. So the gods decided to send them to earth for some good use and make them work. They were sent as the Magic clouds in the Jungle Kirrrr…

They looked like ghosts and possessed all the magical tricks. Hence they first made the human’s life miserable to teach them a lesson.

And then with all the kindness they nurtured Jungle Kirrr… By sprinkling water now and then, here and there slowly the Jungle flourished. There were now trees all around …

Rivers and oceans flooded with water in and nearby the jungle Kirrr…

One by one the animals now decided to return to their favourite abode… The jungle Kirrr…!

The usual life in the Jungle resumed and all the animals began to play their respective roles to keep the environment of the jungle as natural as it was!

The school too re-opened!!!

So the magical clouds had indeed sprung the life of the jungle back into action and all the animals once again lived together happily forever!!!

So all my little Human friends… save trees, save animals and we all will love happily together on this beautiful planet like one big family!!!

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