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 Issue of accessibility to the park due to traffic jams  Seasonal nature of theme park business  Lack of parking space .CHALLENGES (1/2)  Alignment of expansion strategy of farmland with corporate strength of Samsung group  Less leisure time for Korean public to spend on theme park  Corporate executives disapproval due to mismatch between high- tech & global image of Samsung group and theme park business  To switch to the pay-one-price scheme.

CHALLENGES (2/2)  Problem in land acquisition for expansion  Low level of customer satisfaction  Management’s resistance to change  Lack of service oriented people  Unable to tap the vacation season(Mid July-Mid august) satisfactorily Farmland.6%  Not able to tap customer over age of 40 .612 Lotte world-1152  Competition with substituted services like visits to natural places & historical places Nature:-22% Historic place:-22.

Green country or Nature land Pros:  Green country or nature land can position the park as nature oriented park.OPTION  Renaming the resort as Everland.  Greener image will attract more customer with age over 40  Alignment with new mission of firm Cons:  Compete with Seoul land having green image of beautiful scenery .

3 4.08 current variable expenses projected variable expenses projected total fee(in millions) Fixed cost(in dollars) exchange rate fixed cost(in won) BE point in years after 2000 AD 51.987 74879.9155 47.021346103 .96 300 1000 300000 4.04791 74601.2 15 7.COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS Average fee(admission+ride) average fee(expenditure on food) average fee(merchandise sales) total average fee current population capture rate current customer base(in millions) Projected population projected capture rate projected customer base(in millions) 6667 2874 996 10537 43.5 11.

RECOMMENDATIONS(1/2)  By the cost benefit analysis. firm should go for expansion plan  Design own transport system to address the accessibility issue  Proper training to staff to enhance customer satisfaction  Use contractual labor to address seasonal demand  Collaborate with government to procure land with proper compensation to farmers .

temporary attractions like concerts in vacation season to allure customer  Extensive promotional campaign to allure customer towards pay- one-price scheme  Introduce multi-storey parking for the potential customer base .RECOMMENDATIONS(2/2)  attractive promotion schemes with price discounts.


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