By: Yesenia Sierra

Can we prevent our own child from growing up like their friends? It sounds simple, easy, like a snap of a finger but it’s not. But can we prevent this?

 In every situation there is always a scapegoat.  Yet in every situation everyone is slightly responsible.  Either a parent, or peer pressure but everyone takes a small blame.

In every situation a child faces there are different circumstances that result in their behavior. In some cases we have things such as Divorces that affect a child instantly. In other cases we have parents that are alcoholics. Some parents do simple things as spoiling their child to the ground.

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In some cases we blame the stars of today’s society that influence our children. Yet this is only a small part of the issue In some cases yes Nikki or Gaga influence our children to dress as their supposed role model. Fashion make up and cliques

A child can easily log into a internet source and create a webpage in which they take pictures and post statuses that are inappropriate for even an adult to say. Webcam also allows a child to easily chat with strangers and people who are out to do harm

Some will say time of course but yet that would just lead to a new generation of children that would simply continue the horrific image imposed already. Others might say “Its not my child I know my baby its them” fingers always fingers will be pointed Others might say who cares I’ll change

A child needs guidance at a very young age. When I say guidance I don’t just mean being a parent I mean taking a bigger step than that. A child needs to learn at a small age that style taste or cliques should be ignored they need to understand what hurt feels like and how they shouldn't impose it on other kids.

Parents should not allow a child to use a computer until they are either 10 or are taught to use one properly. If you do buy a child a computer don’t put internet until they are old enough to use one. Teach a child to love sports or other things because they will grow up into a bad kid.

Teach your child the greatness of a book. Read to them everyday, at night when they wake up. They will eventually learn to love something by just hearing the story

Another way to stop a child from even touching a computer or changing the channel to some where inappropriate HOME SCHOOL them till they officially go to school.

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70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 United States Usage of Internet Divorced parents Cambodia Orphanes

Even if your not a mom or a dad you can still manage to take care of the people around you by spreading awareness. Be a role model don’t act like a bad role model they will learn wrong things.

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