Venue: Mutiara Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Date: 21-22 August 2003 No.

of people attended: 200 delegates from industry & interest groups from 16 countries Highlights:  Promoting sustainably produced palm - A common code of conduct & practice has to be developed, agreed and implemented - Management criteria, procurement methods & verification processes Speakers: Welcome address – Tan Sri Data’ Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, Chairman of the Malaysia Palm Oil Association & Dr Delima Hasri, on behalf of the Indonesian Minister of Agriculture Closing address – Mr MR Chandran, Chief Executive of MPOA

recommendations for RSPO. of people attended: 300 people from 17 countries representing various stakeholders along the palm oil supply chain. up/oncoming projects/activities. Chairman   Mr Jan Kees Vis. Indonesia Date: 5th . Chairman of RT2 Organizing Committee Others –  Chairman: Dr Matthias Diemer. IPOC  Mr Derom Bangu.Development since RT1. President   Hon Minister of Agriculture.6th October 2004 No.Venue: Jakarta. WWF . Indonesia   Closing – Dr Rosediana Suharto. Speakers: Opening –  Dr Delima Hasri Azahari. Certification system Highlights: .

Speakers: Derom Bangun. RSPO Vice-President III Teoh Cheng Hai.Venue: Singapore Date: 22-23 November 2005 No. of people attended: 320 participants Highlights: Discussion of the Principles & Criteria (P&C) for Sustainable Palm Oil Production. Chairman. Advisor to the RSPO Executive Board  Associate Professor Simon SC Tay. RSPO President  Azizi Meor Ngah. Singapore National Environment Agency . RSPO Vice-President  Jan Kee Vis.

Venue: Singapore Date: 21-22 November 2006 No. and less about decision-making. Code of conduct. Supplychain aspects. Speakers: Derom Bangun. of people attended: 288 individuals from over 28 countries Highlights: The Principles & . Sharing preliminary evidence from different stakeholders about how the Principles and Criteria can be applied in practice and a consideration of options for the future. RSPO Vice-President  Jan Kee _oil/news/?88640/Notes-from-the-4th-Conference-of-theRoundtable-on-Sustainable-Palm-Oil-RT4  http://www. RSPO President Report: http://wwf.

to strengthen the role. Indonesia Date: 18th-20th November 2008 No. to ensure sustainable palm oil contributes to a better world. the progress of RSPO projects on better management practices and capacity building. of people attended: 540 participants from 28 countries Highlights: To review the progress made in the production and use of sustainable palm oil.pdf . More details: the Summary of results http://www.Venue: mary_Teoh%20CH_1. cooperation and support of various stakeholders.

org/page/879 .rspo. 2007 No. RSPO for smallholder production. Malaysia Date: 20th – 22th November.pdf Press Release:  http://www.rspo. of people attended: 551 participants from 27 countries Highlights: Rspo Certified Sustainable Palm Oil. Challenges in the Near Distance. The involvement of Governments. More details: the Summary  http://www. Supply Chain.Venue: Kuala %20RT6.

org/sites/default/files/Summary%20 of%20RT6. RSPO for smallholder production.  More details: the Summary  http://www.pdf  Press Release: http://www.rspo. Challenges in the Near Distance.Venue: Kuala Lumpur. of people attended: 811 delegates  Highlights: Rspo Certified Sustainable Palm Oil. Supply  .rspo. Malaysia  Date:  No. The involvement of Governments.

Venue: Jakarta Date: 8-11 November 2010 (4 days) No. of people attended: 551 participants from 27 countries Highlights: Everyone has to submit annual report. .

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