ABD. RAZAK SAID M.Sc. (HRD – UPM) B.Sc. (WORKFORCE, EDU. & DEV. – SIUC USA) Dip in Stenography (ITM)

workplace bullying produce “Distress” 2 @ABD RAZAK SAID STRESS MANAGEMENT . Overwork. violence at workplace. sexual harassment.WHAT IS STRESS?   Stress is an adaptive response to a situation that we perceive as challenging or threatening.

Sexual harassment. and Workplace violence.INTERPERSONAL STRESSORS    Examples of interpersonal stressors are: Workplace bullying. 3 @ABD RAZAK SAID STRESS MANAGEMENT .

ROLE RELATED STRESSORS Role related stressors include situations where employees have difficulty understanding and performing various roles in their lives such as: Role conflict Role ambiguity Work overload @ABD RAZAK SAID STRESS MANAGEMENT    4 .

TASK CONTROL STRESSORS     Task control stressors refer to a situation where an employee has no control over his work due to environmental (uncontrollable) factors such as: Time. Quantity and quality Environmental factors @ABD RAZAK SAID STRESS MANAGEMENT 5 .

reengineering. restructuring.ORGANIZATIONAL AND PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT STRESSORS  Examples of these stressors are downsizing. 6 @ABD RAZAK SAID STRESS MANAGEMENT . poor lighting. excessive noise. merging. and poor safety hazards.

Strain-based conflict – occurs when stress from one condition spills over to the other @ABD RAZAK SAID STRESS MANAGEMENT 7 .WORK TO NON-WORK STRESSORS 1. Three types of non-work stressors are: Time-based conflict – the challenge of balancing the time demanded by work with family and other non-work activities. 2.

)  Role behavior conflict – occurs when people are expected to enact (perform) different work and non-work roles.WORK TO NON-WORK STRESSORS (CONT. 8 @ABD RAZAK SAID STRESS MANAGEMENT .

moodiness. strokes. @ABD RAZAK SAID STRESS MANAGEMENT 9 . hypertension (whenever people are stressed. heart attacks. and depression.CONSEQUENCES OF DISTRESS   Physiological consequences – chronic stress may lead to cardiovascular disease. their blood pressure goes up and down). Psychological consequences – chronic stress may also lead to job dissatisfaction.

BEHAVIORAL CONSEQUENCES    Distressed employees may lead to workplace accidents. decrease performance. Aggression represents the fight (instead of flight) 10 @ABD RAZAK SAID STRESS MANAGEMENT . and high levels of absenteeism. Workplace aggression – refers to a situation whereby employees engage in verbal conflict.

@ABD RAZAK SAID STRESS MANAGEMENT 11 . the one who turns away from the Qur’an will have a life of hardship in this world. 13:28) On the other hand. in remembering God do hearts find rest” (Qur’an.HOW TO AVOID BEING DISTRESSED    Always think positive Smile Performing solah and reading the Qur’an as Allah has said in the Qur’an: “Truly.

and We will raise him up blind on the Day of Judgment. 20:124) A lot of zikir  12 @ABD RAZAK SAID STRESS MANAGEMENT .HOW TO AVOID BEING DISTRESSED Allah has said: “But whoever turns away from the Qur’an he will have a difficult life.” (Qur’an.

@ABD RAZAK SAID STRESS MANAGEMENT 13 .MANAGING STRESS 1. 3. Withdraw the stressor Temporary withdrawal – Go to a restroom.   2. Control the consequences of stress through fitness programs and wellness programs. and others. Permanent withdrawal – Change to a new job/transfer to a new place. friends. etc. take a vacation. Receive social support from family.


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