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Gangwar DE (Transmission) BRBRAITT, Jabalpur
BRBRAITT, Jabalpur

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Driving Forces Limitation of Today’s Network FTTH-The What FTTH-The Why PON Different PON Architecture Advantage of PON Architecture Application Areas BSNL Plan
BRBRAITT, Jabalpur

Driving Forces

Today’s, customer demand for bandwidth hungry applications such as

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high-definition TV,
high-speed Internet access, video on demand,

 

online gaming, distance learning etc which can not fulfill by copper infrastructure i.e. driving the telecommunications industry to deploy more fiber to the home (FTTH) equipment in the broadband access network
BRBRAITT, Jabalpur

Driving Forces

BRBRAITT, Jabalpur

Driving Forces

BRBRAITT, Jabalpur

VPN etc) E-Mail Live TV on PC Internet Video on Demand Up to 3 Mb/s or more As above 300 to 750 kb/s 300 to 750 kb/s Typical bandwidth (downstream) Video Conferencing Voice telephony Interactive Games Broadcast TV – (e.g. Chat. Jabalpur 300 to 750 kb/s 5 to 128 kb/s 10 to 750 kb/s 2 to 6 Mb/s 12 to 19 Mb/s .. FTP. MPEG2) High definition TV – HDTV BRBRAITT.Driving Forces Data Applications High Speed Internet Access (browsing.

Jabalpur .Today’s Network The existing infrastructure has value. but is limited BRBRAITT.

Limitation of Today’s Network  Traditional technologies. like Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and cable modem technologies.” which have access speeds to the order of a megabit per second. with actual rates strongly dependent on distance from the exchange (central office) and quality of the copper infrastructure  The deployment of FTTH will help to eliminate the bandwidth limitations of deployed copper in the loop BRBRAITT. commonly used for “broadband access. Jabalpur .

most people have begun to refer to the fiber network as FTTx. in which x stands for the termination point. depending on the termination point: Fiber To The Node/Network (FTTN) Fiber To The Curb (FTTC) Fiber To The Buildings (FTTB). fiber networks come in many varieties.FTTH-Fiber to the Home Today. For simplicity. Jabalpur . BRBRAITT. Fiber To The Home (FTTH).

FTTC (Fiber To The Curb) User’s Home O L T E Optical Fiber Cable ONU Copper Cable ONU Central Office A method of installing optical fiber cable by the curb near the user’s home. BRBRAITT. Jabalpur .

FTTB (Fiber To The Building) User’s Building Copper loops O L T E Central Office Optical Fiber Cable ONU By introducing fiber cables from the fiber termination point to the home living space or business office space FTTB can be converted to full FTTH. Jabalpur . BRBRAITT.

FTTH (Fiber To The Home) User’s Home ONU O L T E Optical Fiber Cable Central Office FTTH is the final configuration of access networks using optical fiber cable. BRBRAITT. Jabalpur .

Jabalpur . the next step. OAN will provide FTTC state FTTB & FTTH can be achieved in latter phases of expansion” BRBRAITT.Steps in Evolution of FTTH in BSNL •FTTN ensure that all the NEs shall have fiber medium •FTTC. ensures that fiber is available very close to the customer/building •FTTB fibre shall be made available to all buildings •FTTH is the next and ultimate stage in this plan “Presently BSNL’s OF network is at FTTN state.

this technology allows Telephone . fiber deployment is carried all the way to the customer’s home. Cable TV .What is FTTH?  “Fiber to the Home” is defined as a telecommunications architecture in which a communications path is provided over optical fiber cables extending from the telecommunications operator’s switching equipment to (at least) the boundary of the home living space or business office space.  So . HDTV etc to be accessed via one fiber cable. BRBRAITT.  In this architecture . High speed Internet. Jabalpur .

optimized for voice. optimized for voice Limited to few Mbps CO/HE // Optical networks. video and data 19 Mbps .What is FTTH? CO/HE Copper // Fiber Old networks. Jabalpur .1 Gbps + Note: network may be aerial or underground BRBRAITT.

What is FTTH?  “An OAN in which the ONU is on or within the customer’s premise. Although the first installed capacity of a FTTH network varies. Jabalpur ONU .”    OAN: ONU: OLT: Optical Access Network Optical Network Unit Optical Line Termination OAN // CO/HE OLT BRBRAITT. the upgrade capacity of a FTTH network exceeds all other transmission media.

Jabalpur .Hybrid? Optical fiber and lasers CO/HE // Technical considerations BRBRAITT.Wholesale Architecture (Electronics) .Ethernet? Philosophy .What is FTTH? Transport .PON? .ATM? .Active node? .Retail .

Jabalpur .Why FTTH?  Enormous information carrying capacity  Easily upgradeable  Allows fully symmetric services  Reduced operations and maintenance costs  Benefits of optical fiber:  Very long distances  Allows small diameter and light weight cables  Secure  Immune to electromagnetic interference (EMI) BRBRAITT.

Why FTTH? .more capacity* 200 150 Gbps 100 50 0 Twisted Pair Co-ax Multimode Single-mode * Typical system capability for 100 m link BRBRAITT. Jabalpur .

Jabalpur .longer distances* 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Twisted Pair Co-axial Multimode Single-mode kilom eters * Typical distance for 1 Gbps system capability BRBRAITT.Why FTTH? .

Jabalpur . rigid material  Chemically stable material  Susceptible to EMI  High thermal expansion  Ductile material  Subject to corrosion and galvanic reactions BRBRAITT.fiber versus copper // Glass  Uses light  Transparent  Dielectric material- Copper  Uses electricity  Opaque  Electrically conductive nonconductive  EMI immune  Low thermal expansion  Brittle.Why FTTH? .

Jabalpur .Technology Options for FTTH BRBRAITT.

video & data) services to both business and residential customers. Jabalpur . PONs are called "passive" because there are no active electronics within the access network. BRBRAITT.Passive Optical Network is essentially a cost effective optical fiber based access system for providing triple play (voice. shared optical fiber that uses inexpensive optical splitters to divide the single fiber into separate strands feeding individual subscribers.What is PON? PON . A Passive Optical Network (PON) is a single.

What is PON ? 1:4 1:8 1:16 1:32 BRBRAITT. Jabalpur .

Jabalpur .BRBRAITT.

Jabalpur .PON Architecture BRBRAITT.

Jabalpur .PON Architecture Voice Data Video TDM Video/Audio over IP services PON Management System ONU Other Networks ONU PABX 1:32(64) Optical Splitter O L T TDMA CATV overlay services Central Office Data 2G IP N/Ws BTS ONU 0-20 Km physical reach (60 Km logical reach supported by protocol) BRBRAITT.

The basic elements in any PON system are:  OLT : A Central Office (CO) equipment providing PON with the various network interfaces ONU/ONT : An External Plant / Customer Premises equipment providing user interface for many/single customer PON : distributed or single staged passive optical splitters/combiners providing connectivity between OLT & multiple ONU/ONTs through one or two optical fibers NMS : Management of the complete PON system from OLT BRBRAITT. Jabalpur    .

Wavelength Plan for PON BRBRAITT. Jabalpur .

BRBRAITT. Jabalpur .

Jabalpur .BRBRAITT.

Jabalpur .BRBRAITT.

EPON Downstream BRBRAITT. Jabalpur .

EPON Upstream BRBRAITT. Jabalpur .

FTTH deployed Architecture BRBRAITT. Jabalpur .

BRBRAITT. Jabalpur .

)  Private Line  TDM Telephony  IP Telephony (VoIP)  Wireless Services  Wireless backhaul over PON BRBRAITT. Data etc. Video.Application Areas:  Residential or Business Services  High Speed Internet  Transparent LAN Service  Broadcast Video  Multi-Play (Voice. Jabalpur .

Jabalpur .Application Areas – Business/Residential Customers BRBRAITT.

Jabalpur .Application Areas – Residential Customers BRBRAITT.

Application Areas – Wireless Backhaul 2G BTS 2G BTS E1 Eth ONU 3G Node B E1 2G BSC ONU 3G Node B ONU Eth O Eth L T E1 GPON N G S D H SDH N / W N G S D H GbEth E1 ONU Eth Eth Central Office 3G RNC 2G BTS 3G Node B ONU ONU 3G Node B BRBRAITT. Jabalpur .

Home-ONT(H-ONT) for FTTH applications Type 2-Cabinet/curb-ONU (C-ONU) Type 3-MDU-ONU (M-ONU) for FTTB Type 4.Types of ONT Type 1.Business-ONT(B-ONT) for FTTH BRBRAITT. Jabalpur .

Jabalpur .Type 1.Home-ONT(H-ONT) for FTTH applications  Model 1   Up to 2 POTS One 10/100 baseT •Model 2 •-up to 4 POTS •Four 10/100 baseT •One RF video interface over CXL BRBRAITT.

Jabalpur .Type 3-MDU-ONU (M-ONU) for FTTB  Model 1   Up to 24 POTS 12 nos. 10/100 baseT One RF video interface over CXL • 24 VDSL interfaces •Model 2 •-up to 12POTS •Four 10/100 baseT •One RF video interface over CXL •12 VDSL BRBRAITT.

Business-ONT(B-ONT) for FTTH  up to 8 POTS  1 port for E1  Four 10/100 baseT  One port 10/100/1000 baseX  One RF video interface over CXL BRBRAITT. Jabalpur .Type 4.

5 Gbps  1490 nm & 1550 nm-Downstream ‫ג‬  1310 nm-Upstream ‫ג‬  ATM.25 Gbps  Up Stream up to 1.3ah  Down Stream up to 1. Jabalpur . TDM  GPON Encapsulation Method  10-20 Km  1:16. 1:32 and 1:64  NRZ  1310 nm-Upstream ‫ג‬  Ethernet  Ethernet Frame  10-20 Km.Comparison between EPON & GPON  EPON  IEEE 802. Ethernet.25 Gbps  1490 nm-Downstream ‫ג‬  GPON  ITU-T G-984  Down Stream up to 2.5 Gbps  Up Stream up to 2.  1:16 and 1:32  8B/10B BRBRAITT.

Advantages of PON architecture Requires less fiber Efficient BW usage (Dynamic BW allocation between ONTs) Support for distributive services Easier addition/removal of ONTs       Failure of one ONT won’t affect other ONTs Implementation of asymmetrical systems results in overall cost saving as downstream traffic is usually heavier than the upstream one  Higher reliability for fiber cut BRBRAITT. Jabalpur .

48832 Gb/s down Supports both ATM and GEM encapsulation.48832 Gb/s down  2. BRBRAITT.48832 Gb/s up.24416 Gb/s up. Jabalpur .25 Gb/s up.24416 Gb/s down  1.984 series G-PON system supports the following asymmetric transmit rate  155 Mb/s up. 2. 2. 1.48832 Gb/s down  1. 1. 2.24416 Gb/s down  155Mb/s up. 1.48832 Gb/s down  622 Mb/s up. 2.GPON      Optical System for Access Networks Based on ITU-T specifications G. GEM encapsulation supports both Native TDM and Data.24416 Gb/s down  622 Mb/s up.

Jabalpur .GPON Architecture Node B BTS Apartment Building Management System ONU IP N/Ws ONU Residence TDM O CATV overlay services Down stream 2.25 Gbps ONU L T Other Networks Central Office TDMA ONU 0-20 Km physical reach (60 Km logical reach supported by protocol) Office BRBRAITT.5Gbps GPON Upstream 1.

Jabalpur Central Office .GPON Architecture GigE Switch ONT Ethernet Transport ADM MADM ONT ONT ONT Splitter 1:N SDH Transport OLT ONT PON Access Access Network Fiber Distribution BRBRAITT.

Therefore.  Type D: If the ONUs are installed in the customer buildings. Jabalpur . the in-house wiring may or may not be duplexed.  Type B: The second configuration doubles the OLTs and the optical fibres between the OLTs and the optical splitter. only a limited number of ONUs may have the duplex configuration.PON Configurations  Type A: The first configuration doubles only the optical fibres. the full duplex cost enables a high reliability. BRBRAITT.  Type C: The third configuration doubles not only the OLT side facilities but also the ONU side.

Type A -Fibre duplex system BSNL Proposed this configuration BRBRAITT. Jabalpur .

Jabalpur .Type B -OLT-only duplex system BRBRAITT.

Full duplex system BRBRAITT.Type C. Jabalpur .

Jabalpur .Type D-Partial duplex configuration BRBRAITT.

H-ONT POTS 2 Internet Browsing Ethernet 10/100BT 1 RFBasic Telephony (SIP) 1 Video * Cable TV IP TV Commercial (B-ONU) CAT-I POTS VPLS.ONT Types & Applications Residential Applications . IP TV Applications SOHO/Commercial . IP TV Applications Commercial (B-ONU) CAT-II VPLS. VPLAN 4 Ethernet 10/100BT 4 E1 PBX E1 4 STM1 RF Video * CPE replacement 1 Applications Basic Telephony (SIP) Cable TV. VPLAN Ethernet GigE 1 E1 Internet Access 4 RF Video * 1 E1 IP DSLAM interface Cable TV. Jabalpur .B-ONT Internet Access POTS 4 Ethernet 10/100BT 4 VPLS/VPLAN RF Video * 1 Basic Telephony (SIP) Cable TV. IP TV BRBRAITT.

BSNL Plan  In BSNL.5 Lakhs customers proposed based on GPON.5 Lakhs customers proposed based on GEPON.0 Lakhs customers. 5.  The access technology is GPON or GEPON(EPON) over FTTH. BRBRAITT. 1. Jabalpur .  2 Million Customers planned in three phases up to 2010- 11. data & video etc services has been clubbed into a brand name “Next Generation Play Network”. voice.  One GPON Chassis will support 320 customers  One GEPON Chassis will support 640 customers. the broadband.  The first phase projection is for 7.

Jabalpur .Thank you! BRBRAITT.

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