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wall jointly used by two parties under easement agreement

Fire block Party Wall Shear Wall Exterior Wall


hinge containing one or more springs, when a door is opened, the hinge returns it to the open position automatically, may act in one direction only, or in both directions.
Spring hinge Butt hinge Olive knuckle hinge Loose joint hinge

group of more-or-less transparent liquids which are used to provide a protective surface coating at the same time they allow the original surface to show but add a lustrous and glossy finish to it
Enamel Shellac Varnishes Fillers

soft mineral consisting of a hydrated calcium sulfate from which gypsum plaster is made (by heating); colorless when pure used as a retarder in Portland cement.
Plywood Gypsum Hardboard Chipboard


ingredient in clay

Metal Plastic Wood Brick

class of rock composed silica grains. Colors include gray, buff, light brown and red
Limestone Granite Sandstone Marble

vent that does not serve as drain and is located where if is not exposed to back up waste from drainage pipe
Dry Vent Air Vent Relief Vent Ventilation

vent installed so as to permit additional circulation of air between the drainage and vent system where the drainage system might otherwise be air bound.
Dry Vent Air Vent Relief Vent Ventilation


or printed description of work to be done describing the qualities of materials and mode of construction.
Specification Material Specifications Bid Bullet Punch list


information contract documents

Specification Material Specifications Bid Bullet Punch list


the span of the slab as 5.40 m of 18 ft. The depth of the girder shall be __________.
16 inches or .41 m 15 inches or .38 m 16 inches or .46 m 16 inches or .30 m


the depth of the girder mentioned above, what shall be the size of its breadth?
10 inches or .25 m 8 inches o .20 m 9 inches o .23 m 6 inches o .15 m


in a building without a basement, an unfinished accessible space below the first floor which is usually less than a full story height.
Slab on fill Substructure Superstructure Crawl Space


ability of a material to fix itself and cling to an entirely different material.

Adhesiveness Elasticity Cohesiveness Flexibility


ability of particles of a material to cling tightly to one another.

Adhesiveness Elasticity Cohesiveness Flexibility


of the following is not a nonferrous

Aluminum Tin Led Steel

hard, brittle inorganic substance, ordinarily transparent or translucent; produced by melting a mixture of silica, a flux and stabilizer.
Brick Metal Glass Wood


used to reduce or stop the penetration of moisture through the concrete. Reduces permeability.
Damproofers Water Reducing Admixtures Retarders Accelerators


admixture which is used to speed up the initial set of concrete. Such a material maybe added to the mix to increase the rate of early-strength development for several reasons
Damproofers Water Reducing Admixtures Retarders Accelerators

traditional building material, it is easily worked, has durability and beauty. It has great ability to absorb shocks from sudden load. In addition, wood has freedom from rust and corrosion, is comparatively light in weight, and is adaptable to countless variety of purpose.
Metal Brick Wood Plastic

mixture consisting of vehicles or binders, with or without coloring pigments, adjusted and diluted with correct amounts and types of additives and thinners, which when applied on a surface, forms as adherent continuous film which provides protection, decoration, sanitation, identification and other functional properties.
Stickwell Thinner Sealant Paint


a cellular framework of squared steel, concrete, or timber members, assembled in layers at right angles, and filled with earth or stones.
Bin Wall Riprap Cribbling Gabions


than ceiling joist usually place every 1.20m o.c.

Nailers Bridging Ceiling rafters Girders


for bearing walls of light buildings, the height usually restricted to four stories. Structural load bearing wall tile are made in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 in thickness.
Floor tile Fireproofing tile Load bearing wall tile Back-up tile


should be the maximum spacing of stirrups applied if the depth of he girder is 0.40 m?
4 inches 8 inches 10 inches 12 inches

wall which separates two abutting living units as to resist the spread of fire.
Fire Block Party Wall Shear Wall Exterior Wall


the density of granular soils and the consistency of some clay.

Shearing Strength Maximum Dry Density SPT Standard Penetration Test Allowable Bearing Capacity


often added to the concrete or applied to the surface of freshly placed concrete to produce some special result
Retarders Concrete Additives Air-entraining agents Accelerators


of the following is not a Sheet Glass?

Picture Glass Window Glass Heavy Sheet Glass Insulating Glass

door made up of small horizontal interlocking metal slats which are guided in a track; the configuration coils about an overhead drum which is housed at the head of the opening, either manual or motor-driven.
Roll-up door Panel door Flush door Overhead Swing-up door


minimum length of splice needed for column.

60 cm 50 cm 30 cm 40 cm


angle of inclination of an

35 degree 45 degree 25 degree 85 degree


are timber, steel, or pre-cast planks driven side by side to retain earth and prevent water from seeping into the exaction?
Sheet piles Wales Rakers Lagging


main feed line of an electrical circuit to which branch circuits are connected.
Service Line Circuit Breaker Distribution Line Feeder line


wooden sticks used as posts sharpened at once end driven into the ground to serve as boundaries?
Stakes Batter Boards Ledger Brace or the Diagonal