10 Social Media Facts

An electronic commerce company specializing in footwear.

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Posted Numerous blogs and videos on Twitter Encouraged employees to engage with customers on Twitter Created a dedicated page for Twitter on the company website. Created special Twitter tracking pages.

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The campaign included sending personalised video messages to social media fans and celebrities. The company has managed to gather some pretty impressive stats that reveal that ‘Money is where the buzz is’.

Old Spice is now the number 1 body wash brand for men
In the 3 months after the campaign reached its peak, sales were up by 55%, reaching 107% in the final month of the social media campaign
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• The 1,799+ videos created during the campaign received 14 Million Views • The Twitter Page garnered 1M+ Followers (now the number is 6M) • The Facebook page gained 1M+ Fans (now the number is 17M) • The campaign got 3 million online donors during the election • 2 million people created profiles on my.barackobama.com

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Maintains over 30 Twitter accounts, each with over 1 Million followers

Uses Twitter to
– – – – Sell, promote, and listen Engage customers in a targeted way. Offer Discounts and promotions at @DellOutlet To Share News, tips and information relating to Dell's IdeaStorm at @IdeaStorm

Maintains more focused niche twitter pages, to provide a more focused information, and eliminate noise.

Dell discount account earned dell direct revenue of 1 Million dollars in a couple of months.

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CPC campaigns on Facebook were more effective and gave a better ROI than Google.
Rajnish Chief Business Officer Althea Systems

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Facebook can be highly targeted than Google Ads. Facebook allows you to create community around your product and service. Long term engagement through Facebook Ad.

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We spend 35% of marketing budget in Digital, and 25% of that in Social Media.
Yateesh Chief Marketing Officer Aegon Religare Life Insurance

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102 Million people are online vs 96 million watching TV in India. The number is expected to rise to a billion in next 10 years. 3G revolution will fuel the incoming growth.
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We do only Social Media Marketing. No offline and nothing online outside of social Media.
K Ramakrishnan Chief Marketing Officer Café Coffee Day

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1174 Café Coffee Day stall in India. Plans to reach 2000 in India; 200 overseas. Invested by group of investors lead by KKR on recent round of over USD 200M

Disclosure: Café Coffee Day is client of Simplify360.
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Pete and his team exploited Twitter to the limits. Riding on more than a million fans, every day few stories went viral.

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Blog with more than 10 million views everyday. Believed to be sold to CNN for over USD 200M Went from zero to $200M revenue in 6 years
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Excellent use of Social Media to position as the Technology leader and visionary company. More than 8 million fans on Facebook, Tata Docomo has become a prominent brand for the Youth.

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Tata DOCOMO had about 42.34 million users at the end of December 2010. Around 9% Market Share in highly competitive Indian Telecom Market Had over USD 2B in revenues in 2011
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Slightly less than USD 4 Billion in Revenue in 2011, when the company was less than 10 years old.

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