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USA. Gajah Mada University Press. E. C.G. W. Yogyakarta.A. Plant Systematic A phylogenetic Approach. E.S. Saunders College Publishing. 2000. 1999. Judd... Depdiknas. Campbell. Kellogg and P. California. S. N. Publisher Sunderlands. Reece and L..A. Odum. Pendahuluan 3 SMT GASAL 08-09 . Genetika. Addison Wisley Longman. Mitchell.F.B. P. Rinehart & Winston Sukra. Massachusetts..PUSTAKA YANG DIGUNAKAN      Campbell. Y. Direjen Dikti. 1973. Sinauer Associates Inc. Jakarta Suryo. 1999. Fundamental of Ecology. Stevens. Wawasan Ilmu Pengetahuan Embrio : Benih Masa Depan. 2001. Biology 5th edition. J. Inc.

3. 6. 9. 5. 4. 7. 8. Kimia kehidupan Sel dan dinamikanya Genetika Mekanisme evolusi Sejarah evolusioner dan keanekaragaman biologi Bentuk dan fungsi tumbuhan Bentuk dan fungsi hewan Ekologi Bioteknologi Berilah contoh penerapan dalam statistikanya! SMT GASAL 08-09 Pendahuluan 4 .MATERI PERKULIAHAN 1. 2.

DALAM MENENTUKAN NILAI AKHIR DIGUNAKAN PEMBOBOTAN SBB : Quiz 1 Quiz 2 : 30 % : 30 % Ujian Akhir Semester : 30 % Presentasi : 20 % SMT GASAL 08-09 Pendahuluan 5 .

0 0 SMT GASAL 08-09 Pendahuluan 6 .0 1.KRITERIA PENILAIAN Nilai Angka 81 – 100 71 – 80 66 – 70 61 – 65 56 – 60 41 – 55 0 .5 3.40 Nilai Huruf A AB B BC C D E Skala 4.5 2.0 2.0 3.

Prey dan predator. cloning Pendahuluan 7 SMT GASAL 08-09 . sistem syaraf Populasi. Protista. modern. piramida makanan Bioteknologi konvensional. Fungi. Ingesti. Plantae dan Animalia Metabolisme. imunitas. siklus Crebs.REVIEW PELAJARAN BIOLOGI SMA  Apa yang dimaksud Biologi  Apakah peranan Matematika dan statistika          dalam metode ilmiah? Sebutkan ciri kehidupan Bedakan antara prokariotik dan eukariotik Fungsi DNA dan RNA Evolusi dan revolusi Monera. fotosintesis. respirasi.

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1.10 Classifying life Contents .

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M3C37 1997. F. Adler [1--2] Chapter 1. M. W. Adler. Lewis.15. and J. Physiology. viii + 411 pages Part I: Ecology and Evolution. E. S. The Evolution of Species' Niches: A Population Dynamic Perspective.Case Studies in Mathematical Modeling---Ecology. You Bet Your Life: Life-History Strategies in Fluctuating Environments. Reflections on Models of Epidemics Triggered by the Case of Phocine Distemper Virus among Seals. ISBN 0-13-574039-8. Gurney. Simple Representations of Biomass Dynamics in Structured Populations. C. M. R. Nisbet. W. by Roos [61--79] Chapter 5. McCauley . and Cell Biology Edited by H. de. by Odo Diekmann [51--59] Chapter 4. M. Ancestral Inference from DNA Sequence Data. Published by Prentice-Hall (1997). Holt and Richard Gomulkiewicz [25--50] Chapter 3. Dallon. by Simon Tavaré [81--96] . Othmer. W. Murdoch. by R. by Stephen P. C. Ellner [3--24] Chapter 2. by Frederick R. LCCN QH541. by Robert D. G. and A. A.

Mackey [149--178] Chapter 9. and Mathematical Models. The Eukaryotic Cell Cycle: Molecules. by John J. Signal Transduction and Second Messenger Systems. Lewis [97--98] Chapter 6. by John Milton and Jennifer Foss [179--198] Chapter 10. Mathematical Models of Hematopoietic Cell Replication and Control. by Michael C. by Arthur Sherman [199--217] . Tyson. Mechanisms. Calcium and Membrane Potential Oscillations in Pancreatic beta-Cells. by Mark A. Oscillations and Multistability in Delayed Feedback Control. Kathy Chen and Bela Novak [127--147] Chapter 8. [99--126] Chapter 7.Part II: Cell Biology. by Hans G. Othmer.

Othmer. Fluid Dynamics of the Heart and its Valves. [219--220] Chapter 11. by Leon Glass [255--276] Chapter 13. Hill [339--351] . McQueen [309--337] Chapter 15. A. Bioconvection. by Charles S. by Hans G. by N. Peskin and David M. Mathematical Modeling of Muscle Crossbridge Mechanics. Modeling the Interaction of Cardiac Muscle with Strong Electric Fields. The Topology of Phase Resetting and the Entrainment of Limit Cycles. by Wanda Krassowska [277--308] Chapter 14. by Edward Pate [221--254] Chapter 12.Part III: Physiology.

. Do you think that math is necessary to better understand biology/chemistry? A.2. Q. genetics.5. for all the above reasons. Yes.1.5. In what ways is biology/chemistry associated with math? A.4. When studying in university for this degree was it essential to have a math course? Why or why not? A. Just as mathematics is needed in every day life.3. Yes. Can you give an example of a math equation in biology/chemistry? A. such as giving directions (ie. Throughout this web page you will have the opportunity to see just how much math is connected to biology and chemistry. It's good! Q. it is also needed in subjects such as biology and chemistry. Universal standard of error equation which is used when finding the accuracy for population counts and other equations that are used to track and plot the locations of animals in their natural environment.2. Biology and chemistry are associated with math through chemical quantities. statistics and genetics.1. ie. because memorial believes in having a well rounded education. How do you like your job in teaching biology/chemistry? A.. Q. 4th house on the left).Math relations to Biology/Chemistry Throughout life knowledge of mathematics is essential for even the simplest of tasks. Even though your doing a major in biology/chemistry they want you to do math so you could have a basic understanding and to help you with any mathematical concepts you may find in biology/chemistry.4. As well it's believed that math is very beneficial in helping you to problem solve. Q. Q..3. Interview with High school teachers. etc. statistics.

identify the limiting and excess reagents. I is for the inner two.Here is an example of a common mathematical equation used in chemistry:     Copper (II) metal reacts with a silver nitrate solution in a single replacement retain. L is for the last two.0250 mol of silver nitrate. Foil is a memory device for figuring out combinations. FOIL. Then find the amount of precipitate produced and find the amount of the unreacted excess species.350 mol of a copper is reacted with 0.    Write the balanced equation:         Cu(s) + 2AgNO3(aq) ----------> 2Ag(s) + Cu(NO3)2(aq)   Here is an example of a common mathematical equation used in biology:     In genetics you need to know how to apply the common math concept of multiplication. Given that 0. O is for the outer two. TG Tg tG TtGg ttGG ttGg tg TtGg Ttgg ttGg ttgg TG  Tg tG tg TTGG TTGg TtGG TTGg TTgg TtGG TtGg TtGg Ttgg . For example: Tt Gg (TG) (Tg) (tG) (tg)  F      O     I      L      . F is for the first two alleles of each trait.

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