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Introduction The Day of Recompense Three Categories of People The Reward of the Foremost in Faith The Reward of Those

on the Right Hand The Recompense of Those on Left Hand The Creation of Man Allah SWTs Greatness demonstrated by: 1. Plants 2. Rain 3. Fire Quran Death Conclusion

Al waqiah means Inevitable or The Event. Makki Surah (revealed in Makkah). present in the 27th part of Quran. 56th chapter of Quran. contains 96 verses. has 3 rukus.

Abdullah ibn Mas'ud reported that the Prophet said:"Whoever recites surah al Waqiah at night would never encounter poverty" [Ibn as-Sunni 620, Bayhaqi] The Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) also said:"Surah al Waqiah is the Surah of Wealth, so recite it and teach it to your children" [Ibn Asakir]

There can be certainly no denial of its befalling. The event will bring some people. low(those wholl enter hell)- exalting others (wholl enter Paradise). The earth will be shaken terribly. The mountains will be powdered to dust and will become floating dust particles. All of us will be categorized into Three groups.

1) People on the Right Hand 2) People on the Left Hand 3) People who are Foremost

2) People on the Left Hand will be on the left side of Allah SWT s throne. will be given their Records in their Left hands. will be unfortunate. Residents of Hellfire. 3) People who are Foremost are foremost in Islamic Faith of Monotheism. are foremost in performing righteous deeds. will be foremost in Gardens of Delight (Jannat-tun-naeem).

1) People on Right Hand will be on right side of Allah SWTs throne. will be given their Records in their right hands. will be fortunate. residents of Paradise.

Muqarrabun- nearest to Allah SWT. include Prophets, Messengers, true believers & martyrs. will be in the Gardens of Delight (jannat-tun-naeem). multitude of those will be from the first generations and few from the later generations.V:13-14. will be on thrones woven with gold and precious stones. will have immortal boys to serve them. will neither get any ache nor any pain. will have fruits and flesh of fowls they desire. Hur as wives for Almuttaqun (V.2:2). will not hear laghw or any sinful speech. but will only hear the saying of salaam salaam , meaning (Greetings with peace). Narration by Abu Huraira (Sahih Al-Bukhari, 4\3245).

includes righteous believers. will be in Paradise. multitude of those will be from later and first generations(V:39-40). fortunate people(V:27) lesser in rank than the foremost in faith. will be among Lote trees and among Talh with water flowing constantly nearby. plenty fruit for them. Maidens of special creation (virgins) for those on Right Hand- of similar age.

includes disbelievers and deniers of the day of Resurrection. will be in Hellfire. unfortunate people(V:41). will be in fierce hot wind and boiling water. will be in the shadow of black smoke- unpleasant and unclear. before it they had indulged in luxuries. had been persisting in great sins in the duniya. denied the Day of Recompense. now they will eat from the trees of Zaquum. will drink boiling hot water like thirsty camels will be entertained in the Hellfire.

Allah SWT says in the Quran (CH:56, V:57); We created you than why dont you believe. He makes the semen into a perfect human being. He is The Creator. He decreed death to us all . Hes not outstripped-unable to do anything He transfigured us and made us in forms that we dont know. Allah SWT says in V:62 :Indeed you already know the First form of creation (i.e. creation of Adam), then why dont you take heed? He created us First and it is much more easier for him to resurrect us again and make us alive again.

Allah SWTs Greatness demonstrated by: 1)Plants 2)Rain 3)Fire

1) Plants (Seeds) V:6367 Allah SWT asks the disbelievers about the seed they sow in the ground. Is it you that make it grow , or are We the Grower? (V:64) Indeed Allah is the Grower. If He willed, He could crumble it to dry pieces. 2) Rain (Water) V:6870 Allah SWT then asks them about the water they drink. Is it you who cause it to come down from the rain clouds, or are We the Causer. Indeed Allah is the Causer. If He willed, He could make it salty and undrinkable. 3) Fire V:71-74 Allah SWT then asks about the fire we kindle. Is it you who made the tree thereof to grow or are we the Grower? Indeed Allah SWT is the Grower. He made it as a Reminder of the Hellfire and an article for Use (for Man).

Then Glorify with praises the Name of your Lord , the Most Great.

Allah SWT swears upon the Muwaaqey-an- najum (indeed its a great oath). That the Quran is indeed an honorable recitation. It is a well-guarded book (with Allah SWT in the heavens). None can touch the book over there, except the purified (i.e. angels). It is a revelation from the Lord of Alamin . Allah inquires the disbelievers in V:81 : Is it such a talk(Quran) that you (disbelievers) deny? Instead of thanking Allah SWT for the provision the disbelievers deny the Glorious Book.

Allah SWT says to the deniers and disbelievers that why dont they intervene when the soul of a dying person reaches the throat? Allah SWT challenges them that if they are Madinin, why dont they return the soul to the body? This is a proof that Reckoning shall occur as Allah SWT promises us.

There are three kinds of conditions, people face upon their death: 1) Muqarrabun 2) Those on the Right Hand 3) Those on the Left Hand

Verily this! This is an absolute Truth with Certainty.

So glorify with Praises the Name of your Lord, the Most Great.

This is the end of the Tafsir of Surat Al-Waqi`ah, all praise and thanks are due to Allah and all the favors come from Him.

"Glory be to Allah and with His praise, Glory be to Allah the Magnificent.''
It is the end of the presentation , all Praise and Thanks is for Allah SWT and all Favors come from Him.