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Presented by Kelompok 3 2a S1 keperawatan STIKESMI

What the NURSING CARE is ??

Nursing care is a process or a course of activities on nursing practice which directly allocated to the client/patient in assorted of nursing services. Its workable with arrangement of nursing as a profession that based on the science and art, humanistic natured, and also based on the client objective need to solve the problem that faced up to client.

According to Alli (1997),

nursing process is a method of nursing care which scientific, systematic, dynamic, and continuality in a sequence of resolving health problem of the clients/patients, started from the theory (collecting the information, analyzing the information, and problem decision), nursing diagnosis, implementing, and assessment of nursing action. Nursing care is given to comply with the patient need.

A Maslow said

there is five basic needs of human that is physiological needs such as oxygen, liquid, nutrition, secure need and protection, love and having each other need, self-respect need and actualization them self.

To perform the nursing care is a legal aspect for a nurse even thought the formative of nursing care of various kind of hospital are different. Professional nurses encourage being able to give health service as optimal as possible, give the valid information according to legal aspect value in demand.

A fine method of nursing constitute the one of the aspects that can establish the quality of nursing care which given directly or indirectly can be able to improve our brand as a professional nurse. To present a nursing care to child, teen, adult, until the elder is up to how we apply the management of nursing care in accurate and scientific hoped is able to improve the competition of nurses as specially in Indonesia.

Nursing is basically directed to help accomplish the prosperity of the client. Nurse must be able to recognize/responsive if there is a bad nursing care and try to attempt to change the situation like that.

Ellis & Hartley (1980) explained some phase that nurse able to carry out if they are found some bad nursing care. First, collect the valid information as complete as possible, dont make a decision base on the statement from any of them. Second, we have to know who else are the decision maker or whom to possess regarding of transformation. And the last one is, provide the problem with the lowest controller or supervisor. But it unsure that the problem would be concern by the supervisor.

The first reconciling for example like as voluntary becomes the evaluator committee of the group. The other reconciling is use the informal system with discuss the problem with trusted and influential person on the system.

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