000 companies around 400 national & regional sectors.INTRODUCTION : CII: COFEDERATION OF INDIAN INDUSTRY.  It is founded over 115 years ago. CII-IQ works towards building India a Developed Nation by 2020. VISION: To become an International Centre of Excellence for Training and Development on all aspects of Competitiveness through Quality. not-for-profit. industry led and industry managed Organization . it is India's premier business association with a direct membership of over 8100 organization from both private & public sector and also it has indirect membership of over 90. Sharing CII's Vision for India.  Cii is a non government. playing a productive role in India's development process. MISSION: CII-IQ's mission is to leverage the Quality Movement to transform India into a better place for all its citizens. .

training and counseling services in 'soft technologies'. performance and strategies for enterprise competitiveness. The aw Based on international recognized EFQM excellence model. for promoting excelle Among Indian industry through the cii-exim bank award for business excellence. relevant to the Quality process.  To conduct research in select thrust sectors for the development of implementation models on Quality.  Recognizing excellent organizations and presenting them as role models.  Providing a platform for the sharing of best practices.Cii and export import bank of India have joined together. in 1994. .  To provide education. Objectives:  Promoting awareness of Quality for enhancing the Competitiveness of India Inc.

they are: • quality management system • quality tools & techniques • quality assurance • lean-six sigma • total quality management (TQM) • General management • The excellence model & the award • Legal metrology • Total productive maintenance (TPM) • Measurements .CII-IQ has pioneered the introduction of new management approaches. systems. methodologies and tools & techniques.

 . non profit institute for the growth of Indian industries .Exim bank award for business excellence: The excellence model is based on universally accepted standards and practices that are found in the European quality award.  Cii is a non government. promoting and facilitating India's international trade  both joint together issuing cii-exim bank award for business excellence. partnering industry and government alike through advisory and consultative processes  EXIM is export import bank of India set up in 1982 for financing.About the award : Cii.

  How do companies apply? What does a company receive in return? Each applicant gains based on business around 1000 hours of review by a team of business experts. .. for suitable adoption.?  What is cii-exim bank award for business excellence ? It is an award for business excellence. is the most prestigious award in India for excellence only for Indian companies.  Why was the award established ? To promote the awareness of excellence as an increasingly element in competitiveness. jointly instituted by CII & EXIM bank of India in the year 1994.CII-EXIM BANK AWARD. for subsequent sharing with other organization.  What is expected of award applicants? The applicant has to share information on their ‘good management practices’ with the assessment teams.

The principal mechanism for sharing information is the Quality summit. . an annual flagship event and a series of ‘winners’ conferences’ held in major metros of the country.What is expected of award recipients? Award recipients are required to share their successful performance and quality strategies other organizations.

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