Location: Kottayam, Kerala Architect: Laurie baker Founder: Mrs Mary Roy Established in 1967

turn and triangulate into varying positions and sizes offering choices of formal classrooms as well as intimate study dens.The site along a gentle hill is graded into a series of related plateaus. contain the formal functions of kitchen and services and the dining hall breaks free from the composition. . serviceable from the road. On the lower ground. the rooms twist. larger halls and smaller nooks. The upper contours.

classrooms The straight line and excessive rectilinearity may not directly offend a child’s sensibility but baker feels the meandering wall. make for a more desirable and inhabitable landscape . the circle and square as a counterpoint.

The playfulness of the walls reveal a delicately worked flexibility .

.The courtyard is a delineated enclosure that is open to sky – allows children to discover new uses in a continual exchange with the building.

auditorium .

Entrance and administrative block .

sand and cement. but where a footing is required random rubble is brought together is a mixture of lime. . Concrete is used very sparingly. thereby making the roof light and inexpensive. The final expression is an outcome of this meticulous attention to structural and economic detail. often in a folded-slab design with waste and discarded tiles used as fillers.On a rocky terrain the rock itself becomes the foundation for the building. The brick walls that sit directly on it are assembled in a variation of bonds and mortar mixes.

producing intricate patterns of light and shadow. a perforated screen made of bricks with a surface of tiny regular openings in it.A characteristic feature of baker’s work is the jaali. It catches light and air and diffuses glare while allowing for privacy and security-combining the functions of a window and ventilator. .



In the Nursery Class and Std I to IV. instruction is completely informal. Teachers move from one group to another encouraging self learning and experiment . Assemblies are not addressed by the Father Principal. and a single class can tackle three different subjects simultaneously. and "pukka" English. Children never address their teachers as "Sir" and "Ma'am“.Architecture encouraging innovative teaching The school breaks away from an inherited colonial tradition of suit. Little pupils sit on the ground in groups. tie.




technology and effective demonstration of Baker’s own strength.Pallikoodam. . his own interpretation of tradition.

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