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Date of Submission

All information you provided will be kept strictly confidential. J.CO reserves the rights to make selection(s) based on its sole discretion, without giving any explanation to the applicant. Failure to answer the enclosed questions may affect the selection process. 1

Letter to the Applicants

Dear potential partner, Thank you very much for your interest in J.CO. We are pleased to let you know that we are now moving forward with the selection process. Attached, please find a business plan framework to be completed by each applicant. While we understand that some of you may have provided us with the information asked in this framework, for the sake of completeness and uniformity, we request you to reformat and reorganize the information in accordance to this template. In completing the document, you should: 1. 2. 3. Be brief and provide only information most relevant to the application (prospective J.CO business). The use bullet points instead of narrative is preferred. In instances where certain points may not be immediately apparent to us as to how they would benefit J.CO, explain the links more explicitly. Keep the structure of your submission based on this PowerPoint document. If necessary, provide additional sheet as attachments.

Based upon your submission, we will further shortlist the applicants and invite them to participate in the next phase of the process. The terms and conditions of the contracts will be discussed at that point in time. Through this opportunity, we would also like to emphasize to you that, even though we have set a certain framework, we reserve the rights to modify our selection process, in any way we see fits. This may result, among others, in a modification to the selection timeframe. You should note that, if you are selected as our partner, some if not all of your responses in this submission may be incorporated into and become integral part of the agreements. Therefore, your response should be as accurate as possible (incorrect response/commitment may carry consequences). Thank you for bearing with us throughout this process. Stephanus Hanan Director, Business Development J.CO Donuts & Coffee

Executive Summary
Please explain why you are interested in becoming a partner of J.CO and why you think you are the right partner for J.CO. Please summarize/highlight any information to support position.

Applicants Background
Please specify whether you are applying in your personal capacity, on behalf of your current organization or for a future partnership/organization. Specify the shareholding and business structures of the organization that will undertake J.CO business. Attach your resume as well as those of your partners/shareholders. Please provide detailed background of the present/future organizations that will support and/or be related to J.CO business. Include details such as business activities, number of people in the organization, turnover for the past 3 years, and any other information useful to show the depth and breadth of your organization. Please provide the resumes of the individuals who will be directly involved in J.CO business. Be specific as to the length of time such individuals have been involved with your organization and their role and responsibility. Also, please specify the role and responsibilities of such individuals in your future J.CO business.

Vision, Mission, Target Territory

Please write down your vision for J.CO in the territory. Please write down your mission statement for J.CO in the territory. Specify the target territory(ies). Normally the applicant should apply for the territory defined by political boundary of a particular country. However, if you requests for territories larger than that of a particular country, you should state the reason for such request. In normal situation, the target territory should be the same as the applicants place of residence. If this is not the case, you should provide the reason as well as demonstrate that you have strong foothold in the target territory. Specify, what cities within the target territory(ies) you are basing your current activities. Provide details to make us understand how deeply rooted you are in such cities (information such as number of stores or number of stores per city will be useful). Avoid providing ambiguous information such as sales number (in certain industry, the sales number may appear high, but in reality, it may only consist of one contract).

Industry Overview
Define the industry into which you think J.CO should be classified, noting that J.CO put equal emphasis on donut and beverage. Provide the industry overview of the target territory(ies). Include preliminary market research information (if available).

Key Success Factors

List the Key Success Factors and how you are going to manage each factor. Please provide 5 reasons why J.CO will succeed in your target territory.

Capital: specify the amount of capital that you are going to invest for J.CO. In most instances, we will grant you the rights to open and operate J.CO Stores in a certain territory(ies) without the rights to sub-license/sub-franchise. Therefore, you should be prepared with the capital to fund the entire development of the territory yourself. Depending on various factors (cost structure varies widely from one territory to the next), it may take USD 3 million to set up an operation with the critical mass to run J.CO business profitably (over approximately 2 year period). Upon request, you should be prepared to demonstrate to us that you have the required equity capital (no loan will be permitted).

Personnel People is our primary asset and we require a partner who can recruit and train high quality team to delivery our premium quality and services.

SWOT Analysis

Weaknesses Opportunities


Competitor Mapping
Be as complete as possible. Use circle to show the position of each player. Reflect the relative strength of each player in the size of the circle. Indicate the position for J.CO.

Product Variety & Completeness


Low Low




Top 3 Competitor Profiles

Competitor 1 Name Country of Origin Year Start of Operations Characters Location of Business (1) Cities of Presence (2) Turnover Customer Profile Price Range (3) Top 5 products Competitive Strength Strategy to Compete (1) Indicate whether the stores are located in the shopping malls, office buildings, freestanding stores, or in other types of center of activities (please specify). (2) Indicate cities of presence and the number of stores in each city. As much as possible, specify the name of the shopping malls where the stores are located. (3) Specify the prices of the top 5 products. 11 Competitor 1 Competitor 1

Pricing Strategy & Sales Forecast

Assuming you have the liberty to set prices and disregarding the cost structure, explain your pricing strategy. Based, on your pricing strategy and your competitor analysis, provide your sales per store forecast.


Marketing Strategy
Please define your target customers (demographic) and the reason why you select this group. Provide your thought as to how J.CO should be positioned in the target territory. Provide marketing strategy to reach your target customers.

Note that the minimum annual Marketing Budget is 4% of Revenue. The first years budget must be based on the estimated first years turnover.


A&P Plan
Provide your A & P Plan. Provide A & P budget. Please be as specific as you can; where possible, names of the media where certain advertisements will be placed should be mentioned. The minimum first year A&P budget is set at 8% of revenue/sales, while that of subsequent years is 4%.


5-Year Store Opening Plan

No. City Location (if in shopping mall, provide name of Mall) Quarter + Year Rationale for Opening in the Chosen Location

The Store Opening Plan will be specified in the agreement. Failure to open the number of stores as specified may carry consequences, including the termination of the agreement.


Other Information
Please provide other information that you think should be considered in evaluating your submission. Include as additional pages to this document or provide as separate attachment, as appropriate.