• Some of the basis of consumer

Segmenting business market

market can be used for segmenting consumer market. for example we can segment business market on geographic bases. • Also-like consumers, businesses have demographics that can be used to segment a market. For example the size of a firm(measured by sales volume or number of employees),the firm’s type of business(advertising agencies typically focused), or the firm’s method of buying. sellers also can segment on the benefits desired

Segmenting business
• Segmenting by • Type of customer • Size of customer • Type of buying situation

• 1. Type of customer:

Any firm that sells to business customers in a variety of industries may want to segment its market on the business types. the information can be categorized on the basis like number of firms their size and location. potential market can be divided by the type of business they are in or depends on the need of business customer. 2. Size of customer: Business customer size can be measured by such factors a sales volume, number of employees, number of production

• 3. Type of buying situation: two

types of buying situations are their • New buy and straight rebuy • Target market strategies • Three types of target market strategies are • 1. Market aggregation strategy • 2. Single segment strategy • 3. Multiple segment strategy

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