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Scrum Roles Scrum Roles mapped to our Roles Responsibilities

ScrumMaster Product Owner Chicken roles involved Pig roles committed Rooster roles salespeople

SCRUM PM, filled by PM or Team leader Responsible for enacting Scrum values

Main job is to remove impediments

Ensures that the team is fully functional and productive Enables close cooperation across all roles and functions and removes barriers Shields the team from external interferences Ensures that the process is followed. Invites to daily scrum, iteration review and planning meetings

Tracking the Sprint and updating Work Tasks, Burn down Charts
Representative of the Project to GC Management and Customer

Contributes to the Product Backlog and Sprint Goals Prioritizes the Backlog Typically a Product Manager, Marketing, Internal Customer, Real Customer, etc. Is one point of source for all kinds of requirement clarifications Review of Test Cases Representative of the Project to GC Management and Customer

Help client prepare for UAT Ensure actively following up on selection of Pilot site Tracking is hospitals are agreeing to provide documents in a certain format.

Cross-functional QA, Programmers, Analysts, UI Designers, etc.

Members should be full-time

May be exceptions (e.g., System Admin, etc.) Teams are self-organizing What to do if a team self-organizes someone off the team?? Ideally, no titles but rarely a possibility Focused teams membership can change only between sprints

Scrum Roles Scrum<->Traditional Roles Responsibilities

Traditional Developer Tester UX Designer Tech Architect Project Manager

Agile Team Member Team Member Team Member Team Member Scrum Master

Business Analyst

Product Owner

Scrum Roles Scrum Roles mapped to our Roles Responsibilities

Analysis Estimation Contribute to Sprint Planning Design & Coding Peer Review Daily Meetings Testing
Unit & Integration Tests

Responsible for Quality Timely escalation to Scrum Master

Review Unit & Integration test cases For completeness Create and Maintain Regression Suite Estimation Contribute to Sprint Planning Timely Escalation to Scrum Master Testing on Different Environments Daily/QA/Pre Production Builds Preparation of Test Environments/ Data/Scenarios/Strategy

Pair Testing
Providing UAT Support Test Planning

Explain the technical architecture and ensure the architectural integrity is maintained Ensure adherence to standards of best practice (e.g. source code control, Best coding Practices etc) Code Review Co-ordinate the team's day-to-day technical activities Mentor the other technical staff Responsibility for keeping design document upto date. Responsibility for review and approval of design from customer. Ramp-up of new team members on the project design and code structure.

Reviews all the QA artifacts Mentors Team Prepares new Team members Fosters team communications Generate Testing Reports Perform Analysis Resolves process/team issues Represents team in Customer Meetings Helps in deciding the Build Release criteria for Customer