Ostrich Farming Group members: 1: Sarhan Waheed 2: Fouad Yousuf 3: Umar Khalil 4: Waseem Abbas 5: Zeeshan Khurshid 6: Shan e Mustafa .

Weight 90-160 kg 70-100 eggs per year Life span 30-70 years Reproduction age 42 years Most profitable agricultural project. Six to Nine Feet tall.The farms of the future • • • • • • • Largest Bird. • Large Variety of products. .

Location Our proposed location for our farm is Kot Radha. .

. of course. be more expensive than eggs. Buy chicks (8 weeks or older). production is at 2 years away. production is at least 18 months away. Again. provided eggs can be obtained at reasonable cost. Reduces problems involved in hatching and early brooding but will. Buy proven breeders. Requires the least capital initially.How can we Start ? We have selected the 2nd way Cost 3000/chick Buy eggs and hatch chicks. The expensive route. However. but enables the producer to begin production immediately.

.Free of cholesterol and fats. dresses and cleaning electronic items.  Oil: used in pharmaceutical Industry  Eggs: Largest egg 1 ostrich egg = 24 omlets Sold in market as showpieces.  Feather: Used in ladies hats.  Leather:Finest Leather used in boots.Products  Meat: Delicious.purses etc.

Competitors Beef Mutton Chicken Fish .

600 (current) .Comparison Particulars Beef Cattle Ostrich Offspring per year Meat Production Time Meat Production Per Annum 1 10 months 120Kg 30 10 months 1350 Kg No of Hides Cost of Feed Per Day Breeding years 1 Rs.25 40-45 Meat Price Per Kg Rs. 400 Rs.40-60 10-11 30 Rs.

Strength Weaknesses ! Potential for excellent product ! Lack of consumer awareness of ostrich quality across a range of products meat and leather ! Almost niche Market in Pakistan ! Highest immunity level in birds ! Environment friendly farming ! Lack of ostrich farming knowledge ! Lack of scientific research ! Low confidence level of investors ! Negligible government support Opportunities ! Large scale Market size ! Attractive investment opportunity for investors ! Established leather processing and manufacturing market in Pakistan ! Low feed cost per ostrich ! Low labor cost Threats ! Mortality in chicks (during first three months) ! Lack of professionalism ! Risk of supply exceeding demand if markets not developed .

Export Market: There is a great demand of ostrich meat and leather in Iran. . leather and feathers. Live Ostrich Market: In Pakistan. To meet this demand. Numerous leather and pharmaceutical industries in Pakistan are interested in buying Ostrich Oil. Due to friendly nature and beautiful looks. Ostrich is very popular as a pet bird in Pakistan. Many restaurants. Many people like to have a pair of Ostrich at their farmhouse or at home. modern retail and hyper markets are willing to pay premium prices for regular supply of Ostrich meat. UAE. Central Asia. these countries are looking for exporters from neighborhood countries that could provide a sustainable supply. Pakistani Market: Ostrich meat was highly appreciated by Pakistani Consumers in all surveys.Target Market Fancy Bird Market: There is an attractive market for fancy ostrich Birds. Many farmers have started buying Ostriches from other farmers. Far East and Korea. Many new farmers will buy chicks and eggs from senior players of industry.

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Hand Painted Egg shells. Free Ostrich Ride .Visit the Fascinating World of Ostrich • • • • We will provide a fun and interesting learning experience for kids & adults of all ages. Try an Ostrich Burger.

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