Connecting Nepal to the Global Research Highway

Mahabir Pun

Pilot Phase (Year 2002) started with the technical support of foreign volunteers.

 Backhaul at Relay Station

Using large trees as relay towers has worked well .

Implementation Phase .

800 ft .500 ft and 11.Electrical Power Management Relay Station 1 and 2 at an elevation of 10.

Used Computers .

 Phase II (Year 2005) .

 Chhukung Relay at 5.100m near Imja Lake .

Progress of Nepal Wireless 2008 .2010 .

Progress of Nepal Wireless 2008 .2010 .

Telephone in Ghorepani .

Wireless Network Usage .

Wireless Network Usage .

Developing Educational Content .

Telemedicine Center .

Tele-Health Consulting .

Field Server at Imja Lake for Monitoring .

Myagdi Network .

Makawanpur Network .

Gulmi Baglung Network .

Long term Goal TO BUILD BROADBAND WIRELESS INFORMATION HIGHWAY Wireless Technology for : Education Health care (telemedicine) Communication Local business Access to news and information .

information and the resources among the communities.• What it is? A high speed communication network Operated by the research and education communities for sharing knowledge. .

libraries. NGOs . government organization .• • Who Manages it in Nepal? Nepal Research and Education Network . research institutions. hospitals. INGOs.Not for profit organization Major Beneficiaries Academic communities such as universities. colleges.

Connect Nepalese R&E communities globally .• Motivation Behind NREN: Develop national computational grid for research and education Provide broadband link for advanced research Support to build single advanced research and education (R&E) network throughout the countries.

Gandaki College of Engineering and Sciences Khowpa Engineering College Advance College of Engineering and Management.Domestic Connection: 1. 2. 10. Kathmandu University Tribhuvan University Central Library Institute of Medicine Prime College Health Net Nepal St. 9. 5. 13. 4.Xavier College. 12. 7. 8. 14. Kantipur City College Nepal Wireless Kathmandu Model Hospital Nepal Medical Colleges Skin Hospital and Research Centre . 3. 6. 11.

3. Trans-Eurasia Information Network(TEIN3): Research and education network for the AsiaPacific region. 2.• • 1. Connects researchers and the institutions of Asia with Europe via GÉANT2 network. Asia Pacific Advanced Network(APAN): Connects 16 Asian Countries under this network. GEANT connects 40 European countries .

International networking partners representing more than 50 countries. government. and community institutions. Internet2: Advanced R&E consortium in the US Connects 200 Universities.S. 2. research institutions.• 1. . 3. across the U.

University of Oregon Asia Pacific Network Information Centre South Asian Network Operator Groups National Agriculture Research Council Keio University Packet Clearing House Network Startup Resource Centre .

National Partners Ministry of Science and Technology Nepal Academy of Science and Technology Phect.NEPAL Kathmandu University Institute of Medicine Nepal Wireless Nepal Internet Exchange Tribhuvan University Central Library Health Net Nepal .

astronomy. and monitoring Climate change research. prediction. agro-informatics. earthquake warning. meteorology.Utilization of REN (Global Perspective) Natural disaster support – glacier. H1N1) Bio-informatics. environmental monitoring and data sharing Telemedicine and remote diagnostics Link with grid initiatives. computing and data repository sharing Monitor emerging pandemics (bird flu. eVLBI (grid of radio telescopes) Digital Heritage Exchange(ADHX) . SARS. flood.

Tele-business. research papers.teaching.Context of Nepal Fastest access with global university/research databases Connect with grid initiatives. Environment monitoring and Tele-medicine (DVTS) High quality video streaming and data transmission Strengthen cooperation among academy and research communities Tele . digital library. Tele-health . computing and data repository High speed access of journals.

Access through NREN School on Internet Asia Project MIT Open Courseware CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research AGORA (Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture): Access on1300 Journals NASA OARE( Online Access to Research in the Environment) Access on 3416 Journals .

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