Group Members • Sejal Shah • Vrushali Tarkar • Charvi Salot • Neha Mayekar • Mihir Shah • Ishan .

.CN an american cable television network -Hanna Barbera Productions owned by Turner Broadcasting Launched on October 1st 1992 in US. Completely based on cartoon/animation shows.

.Cartoon Network In India • Shown in time slots on Doordarshan • No established competitors for Cartoon Network • Established itself as a major player in Indian TV satellite market.

a majority of channels were opted for pay channels. • Intense competition. • Govt allowed satellite channels to broadcast their programmes. • Transformation of Indian TV market.• DD offered free to air channels across the country. . • 1990s .

New strategy on localization. Subscriber base of 75 million over 145 countries. • • • • • • Became leading channel in India. . Localized in hindi (Jan 1999) First dubbed program .• CN came to India (Oct 1995).“Toon Tamasha” Hindi & Tamil dubbing collaboration by UTV.

• To strengthen its brand image it carried out a series of promotional activities. • ‘Super size Cinema’ – A promotional activity.• By mid 2000 CN reached an estimated 10 million homes in India. • Dream Diwali • Cartoon Network sound machine • Toon Hunt for Scooby Doo • Save Dexter’s Brain .

Samurai Jack.• CN Started with Japanese and other cartoon animated shows. Courage the cowardly dog.etc • 30-40% constituted teenagers as well as adults. • Shows were acquired from other countries. . • Premier shows – Powerpuff girls.

Coca-Cloa.00-8.• Due to this strategy it attracted advertisers BPL. Intel. Pepsi. • By 2001 it became the second most watched in kids prime time (4. Cadbury’s. Novartis.00pm) . Parle.

Measures to be taken by CN • • • • School camps Organize summer camps Quiz or contest on TV shows Arrange scholarship programmes .

. CN’s Hindi & Tamil versions were criticized. Parents objected to hindi dubbing. CN decided to use a lower end tolerance scale.All’s not well in Toonland A Hindi & English balanced mixture was offered. Later Cartoons dubbed in hindi formed a major part.

• Few viewers also objected CN for offering violence & horror. • The channel was criticized for exploiting pester power of children by advertisements. . • Kermit & Nickolodeon offered mix of action. games etc • CN-only based on cartoons & animation shows – a major threat to channel.

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