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Microcontroller based solar inverter & charge controller





Simulation Result


We have designed a small microcontroller based solar inverter & battery charger. We are taking input from solar panel & going to stored as DC in battery bank. Using this DC voltage as input inverter to get AC at output of inverter. It includes push pull Converter, HF transformer, Rectifier, LC Filter and Full bridge. we have designed simple, small, feasible inverter of 200VA.

Literature Survey
1)Types of solar inverters:I. II. III. IV. Stand-alone inverters Grid tie inverters Battery backup inverters Solar micro-inverters

2)Types of inverters:I. Square wave inverter II. Modified sine wave inverter III. True sine wave inverter

Literature Survey
Charge controller:- A Charge controller is an electronic DC to DC converter .they convert a higher voltage DC output from solar panels down to the lower voltage needed to charge batteries. Types of Charger:-1)Constant voltage charger 2)Shunt Charger 3)Series Charger 4)Buck Charger

Design :

PICAXE Controller:Produces two complementary pulses to control half-bridge MOSFETs. Also it is used to drive full bridge.
Voltage is not sufficient to drive the MOSFETs. A ULN2003 to boost voltage up to 8volt, to drive MOSFETs. It can supply up to 50volt voltage. PICAXE is also Programmed for Battery charge controller to drive MOSFET switch.

Push-Pull Converter
It is a DC-DC converter. Advantages of it are, its simplicity and it can be used for high power applications. We are using IRF250A as switches in this topology and ferrite core transformer

Bridge Rectifier
To convert high frequency square wave into DC voltage we have used bridge rectifier. Since it is high frequency and high voltage AC, we have to use rectifier diodes accordingly. We are using diodes 6A4.

Low-pass Filter

L-C filter
Filters 70Khz, 240volts voltage into pure dc Only two components Current capacity depends on gauze rating of wire of inductor Wind inductor (fine tune) F=1\1.41*L*C

Full-bridge Inverter

Converts 240 VDC ,into 250VAC, 50 Hz, Modified sine wave

Vdss = 500 V Id =4. 5A Rds(on) = 1.5

Software design:In software design:As we are using PICAXE hence software deign only includes Basic programming of PICAXE controller. We have simulated design for square wave generation successfully.


Step Up Transformer:Steps up voltage from 24VAC to 240 VAC Operating frequency :35Khz. Output current :-1Amp Type:-Ferrite core Shape:-E-E type Primary current :-10Amp


Modified Sine wave Output From Simulation

Gate Drive Waveform:We have generated Square wave of 35Khz,5 volt Using PICAXE-18M2 Microcontroller Same waveform for used one for 1st MOSFET, inverted is applied

Device as Built

Final output:-

APPLICATIONS:1.Rural electrification. 2.Industrial power backup and energy management. 3.Interface alternative energy sources with home appliances. 4.Telecommunications: Remote power management using GSM/GPRS (extensive trending and event logging).

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