Asian Culture

. Males and females have distinct roles. Males are valued over Females.Patriarchal Society Elderly come first. Children’s primary concern is their family.

Men are the “bread-winners. Duties: Elders (family) first.Males Dominate gender Men are important because they carry the family name.” They are the providers. . Husband and father second.

Females Subordinate Gender Less important role in the family Duties: Give birth/Care for the husband’s children “Stay-at-home” mom Cater to husband’s needs Perform domestic chores .

Very private matters. . Each child’s behavior is a reflection on the family.Children Children are taught that family is their main priority. Shame and guilt is a form of discipline (punishment) Family issues are hidden from public.

What does this mean? How would you feel if you were spoken to.One-Way Communication The adults speak to the children. but you could never speak up? What is the American culture more like? . Adults make the decisions typically without child’s input.

) . you are considered mature. Mother-figures: Responsive to children. If you are in control of your emotions.Emotions Display of emotions is not common. and contain self control. Father-figures: Distant. providing only economical and physical needs for children. but only verbally (rarely emotionally.

Asians are overachievers Asians have arranged marriages. Asians will have a job within the medical field.Stereotypes Asians are geniuses Asians are socially awkward. Asians always look after their elders. Asians are musically inclined. Asians are skilled in martial arts. Asians are especially good at math . Asians look alike.

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